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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Bhamre, TejalAlgorithms for Image Restoration and 3D Reconstruction from Cryo-EM ImagesSinger, Amit; Shaevitz, Joshua
-Liu, YuanAlgorithms in Cryo-Electron TomographySinger, Amit
2017Aksen, MarkAnalysis of Exact Recovery using Spherical Harmonic Transform Methods for Cryo-Electron MicroscopySinger, Amit
-Ozyesil, OnurCamera Motion Estimation by Convex ProgrammingSinger, Amit
2010Constantin, Sarah RuthClass Averaging for Cryo-Electron Microscopy using Eigenvectors of Sparse MatricesSinger, Amit
-Zhao, ZhizhenClass Averaging in Cryo-EM Single Particle ReconstructionSinger, Amit; Aizenman, Michael
2020Rao, RohanClustering Tomographic Projections with the Earth Mover's DistanceSinger, Amit; Boumal, Nicolas
-Simoes Bravo Ferreira, Jose FredericoConvex Optimization Approaches for NMR AssignmentSinger, Amit
-Bandeira, Afonso S.Convex Relaxations for Certain Inverse Problems on GraphsSinger, Amit
2014Katsevich, EugeneCovariance Matrix Estimation For The Cryo-EM Heterogeneity ProblemSinger, Amit
-Cucuringu, MihaiGraph Realization and Low-Rank Matrix CompletionSinger, Amit
-Morais Carreira Pereira, JoaoInformation theoretic aspects of cryo-electron microscopySinger, Amit; Abbe, Emmanuel
2014Klainerman, LeorMotion Correction and SynchronizationSinger, Amit
2013Zhu, AndyMultireference Alignment via Semidefinite ProgrammingSinger, Amit
-Chen, YutongNon-Unique Games Over Compact Groups and ApplicationsSinger, Amit
2013Kennedy, ChristopherOrthogonal Cut: Convex Relaxation for Quadratic Optimization Over the Group of Orthogonal MatricesSinger, Amit
2018Yeduvaka, AravindParticle Picking and Image Restoration techniques in Cryo-EME, Weinan; Singer, Amit
2013Zhu, ChengmingPower Spectral Density and Contrast Transfer Function Estimation in Electron MicroscopySinger, Amit
-Khoo, YuehawProtein structural calculation from NMR spectroscopySinger, Amit; Aizenman, Michael
-Cheng, XiuyuanRandom Matrices in High-dimensional Data AnalysisSinger, Amit