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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1996Crotwell, Michelle DeniseCharacterization of New Signal Sequence Mutations in LamB for the Study of Outer Membrane Protein Targeting in Escherichia coliSilhavy, Thomas
2015Moon, NicholasCharacterization of the bamA101 Mutation in the Context of the Rcs Envelope Stress ResponseSilhavy, Thomas
2011Johnson, Chantel S.Characterizing the Outer Bacterial Membrane: Bound-Form Lpp in Escherichia coliSilhavy, Thomas
2015Park, EunhaeGenetic characterization of periplasmic folding factors and proteases responsible for the maintenance of outer membrane integrity in Escherichia coliSilhavy, Thomas
1998Singh, Harsimran SahdevaGenetic Screen to Determine the Mechanism of Stationary Phase Regulation by RPOS of ompF Transcription in Escherichia coliSilhavy, Thomas
2010Godfrey, Alexander KamitsukaThe HicAB Toxin-Antitoxin System Specifically Downregulates Extracytoplasmic Stress Responses in Escherichia coliSilhavy, Thomas
1995Oliver, George R.Interruptions in the Biosynthesis of the Enterobacterial Common Antigen Induce an Extracytoplasmic Stress Response in Escherichia coliSilhavy, Thomas
2020Olunuga, EbunInvestigating the role of YciM as an Adaptor Protein Regulating Lipopolysaccharide Synthesis in Escherichia coliSilhavy, Thomas
2008Person, Hannibal T.Investigation in Escherichia coli of the surface localization of native and heterologously expressed lipoproteinsSilhavy, Thomas
1999Yamada, KoInvestigation of RpoS Proteolysis and OmpR/DNA BindingSilhavy, Thomas
1997Carlucci, John R.An Investigation of the Mechanism of Thermoregulation of the micF Antisense Gene of Escherichia coliSilhavy, Thomas
1998House, Elisabeth Caroline CrislerIsolation of Suppressor Mutations in OmpR which Restore DNA-binding ActivitySilhavy, Thomas
2006Reynolds, SeanIsolation via Chemical Conditionality of Mutations in yaeT Suppressing the imp4213 PhenotypeSilhavy, Thomas
2005Button, Julie EllenMutations in ydcQ Suppress Lethality in Escherichia coli rpoE MutantsSilhavy, Thomas
2008Meza, James M.The novel Escherichia coli transcriptional activator Crl uses distinct mechanisms to interact with Sigma-S, Sigma-H, and Sigma-ESilhavy, Thomas
2014Lee, So LaThe Role of SprE in E. coli Polyadenylation: A Focus on the Effect of SprE on malE, lamB, and glpTQ OperonsSilhavy, Thomas
2005Orozco, Steven R.Screening for Proteins that Interact with the Escherichia coli Outer Membrane Lipoprotein NlpESilhavy, Thomas
2000Pianta, Teresa JeanScreening Transposon Mutants for Novel Genes Involved in RpoS RegulationSilhavy, Thomas
1996Hande, Scott A.A Search for Upstream Modulators and Downstream Targets of the Dual Signal Transduction Pathways Regulating degP Transcription in Escherichia coliSilhavy, Thomas
2015Koren, DariasRNA Regulation within the Cpx Stress Response PathwaySilhavy, Thomas