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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2007Weiner, DianaAnalysis of the Mechanisms of Tissue Morphogenesis and Gene Expression Patterns of Cell Adhesion Molecules in Drosophila melanogasterShvartsman, Stanislav
2018Forni, RochelleConsequences of Misregulated Ribonucleotide Reductase on Cell Growth, Proliferation, and Survival in the Drosophila EmbryoShvartsman, Stanislav
2021Wu, AndrewDevelopmental Genes Regulated by Optogenetic Signals in Drosophila and Analysis of Developmental Disorders in the United StatesShvartsman, Stanislav
2019Kapasiawala, ManishaExploring Coordination of Cell Cycle Regulation as a Mechanism for Collective Cell Growth in the D. melanogaster GermlineShvartsman, Stanislav
2007Boettiger, AlistairHow Sensors Modify the Signals they Read: Lessons from the Torso Pathway in DrosophilaShvartsman, Stanislav
2012Baetica, AniaModeling and analysis of the dorsoventral patterning of the Drosophila embryoShvartsman, Stanislav
2007Farouk, SamiraModeling, Patterning, and Imaging of an EGF Receptor Ligand and Targets in Drosophila OogenesisShvartsman, Stanislav
2019Enjeti, RajeOptogenetic Interrogation of Crosstalk in Developmental SignalingShvartsman, Stanislav
2003Lenz, AndrewSimulation of Morphogen Gradient Formation in Epithelial LayersShvartsman, Stanislav
2020Juechser, ElisabethUnraveling Transcriptional Dynamics in Early Drosophila EmbryosShvartsman, Stanislav
2018McGuire, SarahUsing Optogenetics to Manipulate ERK Signaling in the Zebrafish EmbryoShvartsman, Stanislav