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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2016Celistan, MorganAccepted or Antagonized, Beloved or Betrayed: Black Perceptions of Interracial RelationshipsShelton, Nicole
-Alegre, Jan MarieAddressing an Elephant in the Room: Self-Disclosure and Social Support Following Negative Intergroup ExperiencesShelton, Nicole
2013Hoss, VictoriaAvoiding Stigma: The Effect of Social Identity Threat on the Use of Academic Support by Low Socioeconomic Status StudentsShelton, Nicole
2019Scott, LindseyDiversity and Inclusion: The Effect of a School’s Emphasis on Diversity on Feelings of Belonging and Inclusion Among Ethnic and Racial Minority StudentsShelton, Nicole
2013Wu, PatriciaExamining Prejudice Towards Interracial Relationships: A Study on Multiculturalism and ColorblindnessShelton, Nicole
2016Paloscio, StephanieThe Experience of the College Student-Athlete: How Big or Small of a Role Does Height Play?Shelton, Nicole
2016Ehrich, FionaGoing “Straight to the Source”: Directly Measuring Ambivalent Sexism in Women’s Social Networks and Examining Its Health ImplicationsShelton, Nicole
2015Madubata, Ijeoma“I Feel For You”: Examining Ethnic Minorities’ Preferences for White Social Support as Sympathy for Empathy after Disclosing Negative Racial ExperiencesShelton, Nicole
2015Javier, CarlaIt’s on Us, Together: A Look at Sexual Assault Prevention as a Case of Group Based Attitude ChangeShelton, Nicole
2013Maina, IvyKinky Curly or Silky Straight? Examining the Effect of African-American Women’s Hair Texture on Hiring PreferencesShelton, Nicole
2015Quevedo, VickyThe Latino Princetonian: Intergroup and Intragroup Interactions, Ethnic Prototypicality, and Sense of BelongingShelton, Nicole
2014Caton, SpencerLeading On Thin Ice: The Effect of Race and Gender on Evaluations of Imperfect LeadersShelton, Nicole
2013Oh, Eunhae“My name is…”: Accented ethnic minorities’ name choice for impression managementShelton, Nicole
2016Rush, AmaniNever Heard of ‘Em: Multicultural Education, Belonging, and Self-Esteem in StudentsShelton, Nicole
2014Rowe, GarrettPerceived conflict in interracial interactions: Racially based attributions of responsibilityShelton, Nicole
2012Christensen, JonathanThe Potential of Negative Role Models on Motivation when Primed with Prevention GoalsShelton, Nicole
2014Gould, AngellinePracticing to Succeed: The Effects of the Duration and Intensity of Sports Participation on the Development of Intellectual ResilienceShelton, Nicole
-Eikenburg, Lindsey BrookeRacial Diversity, Racial Bias, and Students' Well-Being within Collegiate Micro-ClimatesShelton, Nicole; Sinclair, Stacey
2018Quirk, LexiRacial Inequality in Education: An Examination of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, an Academic Racial Integration InitiativeShelton, Nicole
2014Garcia, ElizabethThe Relationship Between High School Students’ Perceptions of Their Teachers’ Racial/Ethnic Bias and the Students’ Academic Self-EfficacyShelton, Nicole