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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2006Leinsdorf, LydiaBioactivation of Commercially Pure Tantalum: Tethering by Aggregation and Growth of Phosphonate Self-Assembling Monolayers for the Purpose of Linking RGDSchwartz, Jeffrey
2013Merewether, Gene B.Cell Adhesion for Improved Prosthetics: Determining Spatial Parameters to Allow Cell Spreading to Reach New HeightsSchwartz, Jeffrey
2003Wieghaus, Kristen AnneChallenging the Effectiveness of the Silanization of Titanium Biomedical Surfaces: Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity of (3'-Triethoxysily1propy1)-6-N-maleimidohexanamideSchwartz, Jeffrey
1999Markiewicz, Delia J.Charge Injection and Chemistry at the Indium Tin Oxide-Organic InterfacesSchwartz, Jeffrey
2017Chen, JeffreyControlling the Surface Reactivity of a Central Nervous System Repair HydrogelSchwartz, Jeffrey
2010Lewkowitz-Shpuntoff, Hilana MeganCoupling Saccharides and Saccharide Analogues to Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery SystemsSchwartz, Jeffrey
2003Dinca, MirceaDesign of a Better Interface between Indium-Tin Oxide and the Hole Transport Layer in Organic Light Emitting DiodesSchwartz, Jeffrey
2000Tang, David Chi-WaiDesigning a Better Bone-to-Implant Interface: Adhesion of Organic and Inorganic Layers to Activated Titanium SurfacesSchwartz, Jeffrey
1999Dixon, Mark ShepherdDesigning the "Third Generation" of Orthopedic Inserts: Better Adhesion Through Surface ChemistrySchwartz, Jeffrey
2012Florence, Peter RaymondDipole Design for Organic Electronic DevicesSchwartz, Jeffrey
-McClain, William EdwardDipole Engineering for Conducting PolymersSchwartz, Jeffrey
2003Tokita, Joshua M.The Effect of Branching on Phosphonic Acid Film FormationSchwartz, Jeffrey
2006Klitus, Matthew C.The Effect of Oligo(Ethylene Glycol)-Based Biolinkers on Cell Adhesion and Spreading on Ti-6AL-4V SurfacesSchwartz, Jeffrey
2009Biller, TrevorElectronic Effects of a Thin Film on Titanium Dioxide on Electrodes for Photovoltaic DevicesSchwartz, Jeffrey
1999Edwards, Melissa CoeEmissions from Biomass Cookstoves: Submicron Size Distribution of Particles Produced by Charcoal Combustion in the Kenya Ceramic JikoSchwartz, Jeffrey
2000Brault, Kristina MarieEnhancing Bone-to-Implant Adhesion: Developing a New Interface Component for Orthopaedic InsertsSchwartz, Jeffrey
2008Latina, Jacqueline M.Enhancing Cell Adhesion on Silk for Biomimetic Tissue Engineered Anterior Cruciate LigamentsSchwartz, Jeffrey
1995Ng, Bryan J.EPA Regulation of PCBsSchwartz, Jeffrey
2005Orgill, ImaniFibroblast Adhesion and Spreading on Modified Glass SurfacesSchwartz, Jeffrey
2010Dunbar, Peter JosephFormation of Phosphonate-Terminated Monolayers on Polyesters to Improve Osteointegration for Tissue Engineering ApplicationsSchwartz, Jeffrey