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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2022Hart, IsaacAcademics in Film: Three Studies of Professors and ScientistsSchor, Esther
1995Oxman, Jr., Stephen A.The Anti-Hero's Quest for Self-Definition in Three Films by Martin Scorcese: Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and Raging BullSchor, Esther
1997Miller, Oona WrenAt This Ripe Time of Life: The Aging Heroine in Woolf, Colette, and CatherSchor, Esther
1995Gordon, MatthewBeckett's Interminable EndgameSchor, Esther
2007Makanda, FadzaiBeyond the First Frontier: Double displacement in Villette, Portrait of a Lady, and A Passage to IndiaSchor, Esther
2011Valdez, Johanna KathleneBeyond the Governess: The Bronte Sisters and Nineteenth-Century EducationSchor, Esther
2000Sommers, Benjamin DanielBlacks and Jews in Each Other's Eyes: Exploring Minority Identity in 20th-Century American FictionSchor, Esther
2024Carbonnier, JulietteBodywork: A Dark Comedy PlaySchor, Esther; Khoury, Sylvia; Davis, Nathan
2018Reed, Jessica"The boundaries of our country, sir?": Using the Myth of the American Road to Explore Family Boundaries in American Gods, Supernatural, and The RoadSchor, Esther
2000Sweek, William TrevorBroken Languages: English and the Immigrant VoiceSchor, Esther
2008Sherrington, Anne G.Clowns and Kings on Shakespeare's Stage: A Contextual StudySchor, Esther
2008Geyer, Ashley N.Coleridge and Wollstonecraft: Fancy in the Pursuit of TruthSchor, Esther
1994Horn, Roberta EllenConvention Against Desire: Romantic Love on Thomas Hardy's Tragic NovelsSchor, Esther
1995Blum, HesterDoomed Enterprises Order and Landscape in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, All the Pretty Horses, and the CrossingSchor, Esther
2018Beard, CarolynEdith Stein: The Life and Legacy of the Holocaust MartyrLevy, Lital; Schor, Esther
1997Rienzi, Mark LeonardEducation, Creation, and Monstrosity: Narratives of Formation in Frankenstein and the Journals of Mary ShelleySchor, Esther
2000Cornish, John SumnerExistential Awareness and the Early Essay TraditionSchor, Esther
2006Valvano, Matthew J."Finito": The Influence of Jack Kerouac on the Cultural and Literary Landscape of ItalySchor, Esther
2007Kruse, Elizabeth N.Food and Family: The Culinary Give and Take in Works by Maurice Sendak, Amy Tan, and Fannie HurstSchor, Esther
1999Lilley, Stephen C.From Gender to the Body: Changes in the Individual in Classic Detective FictionsSchor, Esther