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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Barr, JustinnAll about orb: A role in polarity establishment and autoregulatory loop driven oocyte specificationSchedl, Paul
2011Willis, ElinorA Balancing Act: BMP Signaling and Primordial Germ Cell Specification in DrosophilaSchedl, Paul
2005Bright, Andrew T.Characterization of Orb2 in the Drosophila GermlineSchedl, Paul
2010Agunwamba, BlessingCharacterization of the Drosophila CPEB Protein Orb2 in the Germline and Nervous SystemSchedl, Paul
1998Yang, James H.Comparative Sequence Analysis of the Drosophila virilis and Drosophila melanogaster orb GeneSchedl, Paul
1998Varaprasathan, Gita AanjalieA Deficiency Screen for Loci Interacting with ORB during Drosphila OogenesisSchedl, Paul
2018Waugh, AidanDosage Compensation in Drosophila Melanogaster: roX1 and roX2 Insulator ActivitySchedl, Paul
2014Manry, DianeFunctional Analysis of ABC Transporter Mdr49 and Cholesterol Metabolism during germ cell Migration in Drosophila MelanogasterSchedl, Paul
2012Wan, Joy Y.A Functional Analysis of Hedgehog Signaling in Germ Cell Migration in Drosophila melanogasterSchedl, Paul
2010Zhou, KerenA Functional Analysis of Shifted During Germ Cell Migration in Drosophila melanogasterSchedl, Paul
1997Wai, Philip Y.A Genetic Screen for Mutants Affecting the Specification of RP2/SIB During Drosophila NeurogenesisSchedl, Paul
1996Ghosh, PradiptaGenetic Screen for Somatic and Germline Sex Determination Components in Drosophila MelanogasterSchedl, Paul
2008Godishala, AnuradhaGγ1, a Downstream Target of the Hmgcr Pathway, Is Required to Release the Hedgehog Ligand and Direct Germ Cell Migration in Drosophila melanogasterSchedl, Paul
2008Bushan, SitaThe Identification of Genes Involved in the Early Blocking Activity of Fab-7Schedl, Paul
2000Chiang, Phyllis S.Identification of Loci on the Second Chromosome Affecting Germ Cell Migration in Drosophila melanogasterSchedl, Paul
1995Polydorides, Alexandros D.Identification of Novel Positive Regulators of the Early Sex-Lethal Promoter of Drosophila MelanogasterSchedl, Paul
2008Lee, RebeccaInvestigating the Interaction between Orb and PABP in DrosophilaSchedl, Paul
2013Smith, Daniel ArnoldInvolvement of Hedgehog Signaling and Calcium Channels During Germ Cell Migration in Drosophila melanogasterSchedl, Paul
2000Ladra, MatthewThe Isolation and Characterization of Novel Alleles of Zesta-White 5Schedl, Paul