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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2017Schade, JakeAddressing the Wounds of the Past: The Politics of Care in Post-Apartheid South AfricaRouse, Carolyn M.
2013Perry, Alexandria KathleenThe American Negro: Harlem Renaissance and the Problem of African American CultureRouse, Carolyn M.
2015Dodyk, Hillary Alyse“And Then They Came For Me” An Examination of Human Medical Experimentation in Nazi Germany and the United StatesRouse, Carolyn M.
2012Knoepflmacher, AlexanderAnon and Us: Notes towards an Ethnography of the InternetRouse, Carolyn M.
2016Remez, Marisa SelineBallet’s Approach to Relevance Through Racial DiversityRouse, Carolyn M.
2016Tasker, ScotBetween Cyborgs and Zombies: Procrastination, Consciousness, and Narrative Structures at Princeton UniversityRouse, Carolyn M.
2007Edwards, Caitlin M.Bound in by Brown Skin: Understanding the Minority Achievement Gap at Princeton High SchoolRouse, Carolyn M.
2017Garavito, MariaThe Café: Power Dynamics in a Colombian RestaurantRouse, Carolyn M.
2006Hohenkirk, Ashley AliciaThe Caribbean-American Experience: Identity Construction Across GenerationsRouse, Carolyn M.
2011Minor, Kalila AnneComing Back Stronger: Neighborhood and Individual Recovery in Post-Katrina New OrleansRouse, Carolyn M.
2015Ionson, AnnalieseCompeting Discourses: Diabetes and the Narrative of First Nations IdentityRouse, Carolyn M.
2007Ricci, Angela M.Death Sentences: Negotiating science, religion and dying in AmericaRouse, Carolyn M.
2004Phillips, Lauren RabouinDey Unrabble Dem Own Mout: Study of the Politics of Gullah PreservationRouse, Carolyn M.
2011Birbiglia, Carolyn RoseDiagnosing Childhood Obesity: A Call to Look Beyond the Stigma and StatisticsRouse, Carolyn M.
2006Bush, Lauren P.Encountering Women: An Exploration of Gender Inequality and Cross-Cultural ConversationsRouse, Carolyn M.
2011Clarke, Ellen Saint ClairAn Ethnography of Hands Together, History, Hope and Revival of Agriculture in HaitiRouse, Carolyn M.
2012Goodwin, Maya Baillergeau EugenieExploitation in Transnational Social Networks: The Implications of Haitian Diasporic CitizenshipRouse, Carolyn M.
2006Lind, Caroline MundilFlow in RowingRouse, Carolyn M.
2007McNally, Ian GeraldGAME FOR ALL: Sectarianism and Hockey in Belfast, Northern IrelandRouse, Carolyn M.
2012Wilkerson-Melnick, Gabrielle Rebecca"Good Hair Means Curls and Waves": An Ethnographic Study of African-American Hair Care in the US and TanzaniaRouse, Carolyn M.