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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2013Braun, SamuelConsider the SolipsistRivett, Sarah
2011Biervliet-Schranz, Colette Brunilda JulietCrossing Bloodlines: The Family as a Containing Force in Vampire Literature 1819-2005Rivett, Sarah
2013Freyre, AlexaThe Double Bind of Globalization: Humanityʼs Fall from Grace in Dystopian Young Adult TrilogiesRivett, Sarah
2021Choi, LydiaA Flood to Destroy All Flesh: How Noah’s Ark Becomes Children’s LiteratureRivett, Sarah
2018Nowicki, Mark“A Great Age of Translation”: Ezra Pound, 李白, 王维, 枚乘 and the Images That Bind ThemRivett, Sarah
2013Ley, OliviaHoudini Narrators: Illusionist Acts in Three Contemporary NovelsRivett, Sarah
2010Sard, Michael AdamThe Literary Genre of American Providence: Rhetorical strategy and "Scope of Precedent" In the Inaugural Addresses of Washington, Jackson, and LincolnRivett, Sarah
2011Jeffers, Jasmine AnnPosthuman Rites: Octavia Butler and Embodied IdentificationRivett, Sarah
2011van Beuren, Elizabeth HunterPrincesses Locked in Towers: The Women of Fitzgerald's FictionRivett, Sarah
2011Gannon, Conor PadraicA public's bound South Carolina, 1732-1756Rivett, Sarah
2019Sansone, J.Recreation: A Novella & Gender as Journey, Not Destination: Self Determination Through Gender Identity TheoryRivett, Sarah
2022Kilgallon, MaireadRevelation! and Highway to Hell: American Road Narrative and ApocalypseRivett, Sarah
2022Lockhart, IsabelStorytelling and the Subsurface: Indigenous Fiction, Extraction, and the Energetic PresentRivett, Sarah
2010Sprankling, Douglas John"To Validate, To Help Prove:" Approaching An Ideal Creative Philosophy in A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering GeniusRivett, Sarah
2021Hutchinson, Lowell"You'll Be in My Heart" The Representation of Motherhood in Disney’s Bambi, Tarzan, and The AristocatsRivett, Sarah