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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2014Dreyfuss, Katherine MarielleApollinaire, Poulenc, and Intermediality: A Study of the Dynamic Interactions between Text, Image, and Music in Le Bestiaire and CalligrammesRentzou, Efthymia; Bellos, David
-Richter, LindseyBeing Two: The Individual as Response in Surrealism’s Partner Collaborations (1919-1935)Rentzou, Efthymia
2023Fernández García, José PabloCONSTRUCTING THE INTERNATIONAL : The Cité U, the Universal Expositions, and the Mexican PavilionsRentzou, Efthymia; Göran, Blix M
2020Betancourt, SarahDancing Modern Paris: The Ballets Suédois & Technologies of Mechanical ReproductionRentzou, Efthymia; Morrison, Simon A.
2022Thiel, CharlotteGodot in Prison: Reframing Beckett’s Play as a Representation of the RealHare, Thomas W; Rentzou, Efthymia
2019Scott, AndrewHating the Player, Not the Game: An Analysis of French Xenophobia and Nationalism through Global SportRentzou, Efthymia
2023Curran, Anna ElizabethHOT COMMODITY: The Commercial Photography of Dora MaarRentzou, Efthymia
2010Wojtowicz, IsabelIn Search of the "Real" Claude Cahun: The Complex Case of Subjectivity in Aveux non AvenusRentzou, Efthymia
2024Avakian, MikaelaINK, IRE, IDENTITY : Haratch & the Armenian Immigrant Press of 1920s FranceRentzou, Efthymia; Bellos, David
2014Ozaki, RyoheiLE CINÉMA ET L’ÉMANCIPATION Chris Marker et le groupe Medvedkine 1967 – 1969Rentzou, Efthymia; Trezise, Thomas
2019Tseng, AnnabelleLe manifeste des 343 and the Politics of Reproduction: A Study of Abortion, Contraception, and Collective TraumatizationTrezise, Thomas; Rentzou, Efthymia
2015Mockler, Sophia JoannaMixing Mediums: The Synthesis of Poetry, Music, and Dance in L’Après-midi d’un FauneRentzou, Efthymia
2016Baikoff, ErikaRobert Desnos: The Dreaming Prophet of SurrealismRentzou, Efthymia
2018Stafford, CarolineTHE THREAT OF “WHAT IS NOT”: A Feminist, Deconstructivist Analysis of “Otherness” in the Theatrical Works of Eugène Ionesco and Edoardo SanguinetiGiammei, Alessandro; Rentzou, Efthymia
2019Freeman, Elise(Un)Conscious Consumerism: How Climate Change Social Advertisements are Subversive of Greenwashing Advertisements in FranceRentzou, Efthymia