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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2009Tishman, Adam MaxwellAlternative Empires: The Historical Impact of the Huns and Avars in Medieval European HistoryReimitz, Helmut
2012Rose, Julia MarieArt, Power, and the Origin of The Book of Kells: A Companion to Book of BrigidReimitz, Helmut
2018Mayhew, G. GalenBeyond the End: Communities in Post-Roman Britain's "Ghost" CenturyReimitz, Helmut
-Eisenberg, MerleBuilding Little Romes: Christianity, Identity, and Governance in Late Antique GaulReimitz, Helmut
2019Poulson, HundleyThe Burgundian School of Law: Roman Precedent and Legal Innovation in Gundobad and Sigismund's KingdomReimitz, Helmut
2016Rowe, BrielleByzantine Monasticism: The Intersection of State Law and Religion Under Justinian IReimitz, Helmut
2016Bradbury, GeorgeThe Construction of English Identity in Bede’s Ecclesiastical HistoryReimitz, Helmut
2019Gearon, JohnA Differentiated Approach to Barbarians: Ammianus Marcellinus’ Res Gestae and Roman-Barbarian Interactions in the 4th CenturyReimitz, Helmut
-Leja, MegDissecting the Inner Life: Body and Soul, Medicine and Metaphor in the Carolingian EraReimitz, Helmut
2016Leire, BridgetDivine Interventions in the Secular World: Gregory of Tours’ Account of Merovech and Gundovald’s CampaignsReimitz, Helmut
2009Wentworth, Grant BlaiseElephants of the Republic: The Forgotten History of Rome's War ElephantsReimitz, Helmut
2016Singer, Maxwell BrentHEAVEN, HELL, AND THE ORIGINS OF THE INDIVIDUAL Personal Responsibility in Early Middle Age Visionary LiteratureReimitz, Helmut
2010Stuber, Langford B.Ideal and Reality in Roman Pasts of the Fourth Century: Ammianus and His Emperor JulianReimitz, Helmut
2015Louthan, Anton RobertMedieval Interpretations, Modern Reverberations: an Examination of Early Medieval Dalmatian IdentitiesReimitz, Helmut
2009Lesko, Joshua HarshawMilitary Logistics of the Roman Army (216 BC-550 AD): The Roads to an Empire and the Cause of its EndReimitz, Helmut
2009Magro, Joseph MichaelMores and Leges: The Evolution of Barbarian Law in the Post-Roman WestReimitz, Helmut
2012Chang, JulieRadegund's Cross: Relic As Power in Merovingian GaulReimitz, Helmut
2012Gavula, Thomas LawrenceA Re-Examination of the Hamburg Massacre of 1876Reimitz, Helmut
2019Fisher, TrevorSaints, Shapeshifters, and Pseudohistory: Cultural Collision and Synthesis in Medieval Irish NarrativeReimitz, Helmut
-Ward, IanThe Oath of Loyalty and the Post-Carolingian Transformation, c.830-1000Reimitz, Helmut