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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015Chen, Mengqin (Annie)Chinese FDI Approach in Africa: Engaging with A Voracious Dragon?Redding, Stephen
2011Song, Yoon WonComparative Advantage of Pollution Emissions?: A New Approach to the Enviornmental Kuznets Curve and the Pollution Havens HypothesisRedding, Stephen
2006Muakkassa, Omar W.Determinants of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions as a Means of Foreign Direct InvestmentRedding, Stephen
2012Whitener, AndrewThe Economic Return to Education for Professional Baseball PlayersRedding, Stephen
2019Gramajo, EliThe Effect of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) on the Standard of Living in CaliforniaRedding, Stephen
2019Zielczynska, JuliaThe Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on the European Domestic Economy through Horizontal and Vertical Technology SpilloversRedding, Stephen
2014Du, ShawnThe Effects of the Euro on Financial Flows Using Gravity Equation EstimationsRedding, Stephen
2020Salama, TomThe Efficacy of Trade Adjustment Assistance in Targeting and Mitigating the Effects of Trade Shocks in Local Labor MarketsRedding, Stephen
-Somale, Mariano AlexisEssays in Technology and International TradeRedding, Stephen
2014Shahan, DianeIs Globalization A Threat to Cultural Diversity? Measuring Home Bias in International Film TradeRedding, Stephen
2016Lee, AustinMarket Value and Patents In High-Tech SectorsRedding, Stephen
2020Hickok, NathanielOn The Existence and Extent of Localized Knowledge SpilloversRedding, Stephen
2014Cartwright, LillianOne Money, Many Markets: The Heterogeneous Effects of Currency Unions on Bilateral Trade Flows from 1970 to 2010Redding, Stephen
2019Caceres, JamesReturn on Investment: The Impact of District Expenditure on Student Achievement in New Jersey K-12 School DistrictsRedding, Stephen
2012Mou, Maggie XiaoleiRising Dragon and Crouching Peacock: A Comparative Event Study of Shareholder Value Effects of Cross-Border Acquisitions by China and India Firms & Limitations of Event Study MethodRedding, Stephen
2019Zhang, SophieStronger Intellectual Property Rights, Stronger Trade Growth? The Effects of Intellectual Property Rights on Bilateral Trade Flows in Exchange-Traded, Reference-Priced & Differentiated CommoditiesRedding, Stephen
2011Ladva, BileshStructural Change in Vietnam: An Input-Output AnalysisRedding, Stephen
2020Spicher, BradTemporary Trade Protection and the Local Labor Market Effects of TradeRedding, Stephen
-Traiberman, SharonThree Essays in International EconomicsRedding, Stephen