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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015Albanell, Juan Bosco Flores3D Audio Environment Composition and ExplorationRamadge, Peter
1998Calanog, Barbara; Carroll, MaureenAnalysis of NEC and IBM Watermarking Schemes of Digital Image and Sound DataRamadge, Peter
2008Seidel, Parker A.Analysis of Simultaneous Multi-image Registration Using Congealing with Application to MRI DataRamadge, Peter
2022Shih, MatthewApplications of Reinforcement Learning to Effectively and Safely Control a Gantry CraneRamadge, Peter
1998Toub, JoshuaAn Applied Introduction to Systems and Signals - a.k.a. How Does my DUD Pager Work?Ramadge, Peter
2016Hsu, EmilyAssessing Image Aesthetics Using Machine LearningRamadge, Peter
2015Cao, WesleyAsymptotically Optimal Sequential Capital Allocation StrategiesRamadge, Peter
2016Lee, Chia-LoBadminton Shuttlecock Tracking and 3D Trajectory Estimation From VideoRamadge, Peter
2010Kang, Eric AmbroseCompressive Sensing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging via Constrained Random Walks in k-SpaceRamadge, Peter
1990Meier, Pascal; Meier, PascalComputer Modeling of the Three and Four Tank Network/Server SystemRamadge, Peter
1999Kemp, Martin D.Cylindrical PanoramasRamadge, Peter
2015Dominic, DerrickDecision Making Under Uncertainty in the context of Gesture and Trajectory ClassificationRamadge, Peter
2003Rodriguez, Awilda; Ejiochi, ChiemekaDetection of Composite Images Via Edge Color TransitionsRamadge, Peter
1996Kashan, Glenn LawrenceThe Development of Alternative Interpolation Methods for the Shifting of Digital ImagesRamadge, Peter
2008Bumb, NikhilDimensionality Reduction of Financial DataRamadge, Peter
2016Juang, JeanDiscovering Similarities in Relief Patterns of Taranto CoinsRamadge, Peter
2010Newman, JonathanDistributed Consensus AlgorithmsRamadge, Peter
2018Sitawarin, BinkEnhancing Robustness of Classifiers Against Adversarial ExamplesRamadge, Peter
2007Murray, Naila KamariaEntropy-based 2D Image RegistrationRamadge, Peter
2016Koger, BenjaminExamining the Predictive Power of Clustering Coefficients on Various graphs With Complex Fractional ContagionRamadge, Peter