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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2004Ugwu-Oju, Delia VirginiaBrothers of a Different Color: Reflections on the Black-Jewish Alliance During the Civil Rights MovementRabinbach, Anson
1999Pollack, Joshua DavidCrimes Against Humanity and the Future of French Memory: The Trials of Klaus Barbie, Paul Touvier, and Maurice PaponRabinbach, Anson
2000Barnes, Morey ElizabethDispatches from the Hotel Florida, Dispatches from the Front: Foreign Journalists in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939Rabinbach, Anson
2009Sussman, Matthew R.Framing the "Myth" of Mau Mau: Approaches to Penology and Psychology in Colonial KenyaRabinbach, Anson
2005Withrow, Ian MatthewFrom Gang Green to Silver Screen: The Loss of Accuracy in the Vietnam FilmRabinbach, Anson
-Volovici, MarcGerman and the Language Politics of Jewish Nationalism, 1870-1939Rabinbach, Anson
2009Vega-Gonzalez, Martha ElenaThe Guernica Diaspora: Spanish Legitimacy and the "Last Exile," 1937-1981Rabinbach, Anson
2005Straus, JuliaHollywood Fights Fascism: The Rise of Political Activism in the Film Industry, 1936-1941Rabinbach, Anson
2009Hankin, Emily Gordon"If You Do Not Like The Past, Change It": Postwar Reconstruction and Retribution in Austria and FranceRabinbach, Anson
-Schwarzbeck, HumbertoPolitical Theories of the Instant in Germany, 1914-1940Rabinbach, Anson
2004Minoff, Elisa M. AlvarezThe Post-City Age? New Towns and Urban Planning in the 1960sRabinbach, Anson
2008Morton, Martha A.The Prisoner's Dilemma: The Nazis' Mistreatment of American POWs in World War IIRabinbach, Anson
2005Mayeux, SaraRed, White, and Black: African-Americans and Antifascism, 1934-1939Rabinbach, Anson
1999Szeszko, Jeffrey ScottStrategies for Consolidation: A Critical Appraisal of the Dyamics of Elite Power Politics within the State of MexicoRabinbach, Anson
2000Boorstin, Julia F.Surrealism's Passionate Battle with Communism: From the First to the Second Manifesto, 1924-1929Rabinbach, Anson