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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2020Dowling, KaraA Multi-agent Stochastic Control Model for Adversarial Planning in Naval OperationsPowell, Warren
2011Gershkon, Sarah BethAdvance Commitments for Electric Power: Applied Policies and Risk Management at Air Products and ChemicalsPowell, Warren
2014Chen, DanielAnalyzing Transformer Replacement Policies: A Simulation Approach to Reducing Failure RiskPowell, Warren
2014Lin, KevinApproximate Dynamic Programming Applied to Biofuel Markets in the Presence of Renewable Fuel StandardsPowell, Warren
2011Jeong, Hyun BinApproximate Dynamic Programming for the Stochastic Load Curtailment ProblemPowell, Warren
2018Carlstein, JosephApproximate Dynamic Programming: Designing an Economically Optimal Fleet of Electric Self-Driving CarsPowell, Warren
2010Peng, YingzhiThe Batch Knowledge Gradient Policy for Simultaneous Information CollectionPowell, Warren
2011van den Berg, Gerrit AlbertusBayesian Information Collection in Stochastic Optimization: An Aggregation-Based ApproachPowell, Warren
2011Wong, Megan JannaCell Charging Challenges: An Optimal Pricing Strategy for a Solar Mobile Charging System in AfricaPowell, Warren
2000Mattamana, AlanThe Chemsitry of Human ProcessesPowell, Warren
2001Atchison, DavidConsumer Decisions: A model for the flow of informationPowell, Warren
2011Fang, HuiControlling the Elements: Regulating Wind with Hydro in ChinaPowell, Warren
1996Rodriguez, Steven FrancisDecision Making in Time: An Algorithm to Schedule ProductionPowell, Warren
2012Huang, Yu-SungDynamic Pricing of Electric Vehicle Charging Locations: An Application of Optimal learningPowell, Warren
2016Carthy, AlexandraA Dynamic Programming Model For Simulating Demand Response and Renewable EnergyPowell, Warren
2001Kim, Frances Y.The Economic Impact of Charter Schools and Educational Vouchers on the Princeton Regional School DistrictPowell, Warren
2016Adunbarin, OlabodeEnergy Resource Scheduling Policy Studies in the PJM Electricity Market: A Dynamic Programming ApproachPowell, Warren
2018Wood, EvanEnergy Risk Management: Stochastic Optimization for Industrial Gas OperationsPowell, Warren
2014Cen, KevinEntropy Minimization & Locating Faults Across the Electrical Network Using Customer No Light CallsPowell, Warren
2016Koerbel, ZacharyAn Evaluation of Different Hotel Revenue Management TechniquesPowell, Warren