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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2006Stover, John G.College Alcohol Use and the Athletic Team EnvironmentPortes, Alejandro
1999Hip-Flores, ChristinaThe Cuban Catholic Church: Reopening the Spaces of Civil SocietyPortes, Alejandro
1998Scroggins, Keatley AnnDancing Between Two Cultures: The Formation of Racial and Ethnic Identity in Panamanian and Dominican Second Generation YouthPortes, Alejandro
1999Wu, Melissa H.Deviance and its Determinants: An Analysis of Second Generation Immigrants and their Behavioral Deviance in SchoolPortes, Alejandro
2009Valle, Laura P.In the Pursuit of Success: Ethnicity and Social Capital in the Professional WorkplacePortes, Alejandro
2009Ayasso, Ali E.Land of Opportunity: A Comparison of Entrepreneurship in Immigrant Enclaves and African-American Communities in the United StatesPortes, Alejandro
-Smith, Lori DianeOrganizing Economic Development: Industry and the State in the New Global EconomyPortes, Alejandro
-Vickstrom, ErikThe Production and Consequences of Migrant Irregularity: Senegalese in France, Italy, and SpainMassey, Douglas S; Portes, Alejandro
2007Grumet, Lauren E.Second-Generation Americans: The Struggle Between Traditional Family Culture & American AssimilationPortes, Alejandro
2009YaƱez, Gregory N.Segmented Assimilation in the Netherlands: The Moroccan and Turkish Second GenerationPortes, Alejandro
2005Glotzbach, Polly AnnSpringdale Atoll Versus Ozarkia Nation: Adaptation of Marshallese and Hispanic Youth in Springdale, ArkansasPortes, Alejandro
2010Palomino Badilla, Rafael G.Take it or Leave it: Perceptions Towards a Victim Compensation Fund in Northern MexicoPortes, Alejandro
-Huynh, Jennifer AnnThe City Within: Growing up Vietnamese in Little SaigonPortes, Alejandro
-Yiu, JessicaTiger Children in Old and New Immigrant Destinations: The Divergent Educational Experiences of Chinese Immigrant Youth in Spain, Italy and the U.SPortes, Alejandro