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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2006Dean, JennieThe Comparative Efficacy of Artificial and Natural Reefs of South Florida: Trends in Fish Community Abundance and DiversityPacala, Stephen Wilson
1999Butler, Matthew PrestonCompensation in Queen Anne's Lace (Daucus carota L.): Responses to Simulated Herbivory and Pollen LimitationPacala, Stephen Wilson
1998Shamel, Sarah IreneThe Effects of Conspecific Adult Density on Seedling Survival: A Test of the Janzen-Connell HypothesisPacala, Stephen Wilson
2009Dillon, Alexander BalcarEffects of Ocean Acidification and Increased Temperature on the Settlement and Early Developmnet of Two Atlantic CoralsPacala, Stephen Wilson
1997Gray, Florette KimberlyGasoline Powered Vehicles vs. Electric Vehicles: The Epidemiological Effects of EachPacala, Stephen Wilson
1999Rich, Caitlin C.Insects in the Native Homes of Kenya: Variations in Abundance and Diversity, Health Effects and Reduction StrategiesPacala, Stephen Wilson
1999O'Brien, Sheila GailThe Interactive Effects of Light, Trace Metal, and Carbon on Growth of a Coastal Diatom, Thalassiosira weissflogiiPacala, Stephen Wilson
1999Caban, Sarah ElizabethInvasive Species and Species InvasionsPacala, Stephen Wilson
2009Renaud, Alexander DugginMitigating Adverse Environmental Impacts of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology Effluent Using Gracilaria Parvispora and Palmaria Mollis as BiofiltersPacala, Stephen Wilson
1999Rodriguez, Ann Marie CarolineModern Theories on the Ecology of Coral Reef Fishes: An Experimental AnalysisPacala, Stephen Wilson
2009Smith, Mark BurnhamNew Approaches to Hydrogen and Methane Production From Aquatic PhototrophsPacala, Stephen Wilson
2006Nees, Alexander M.A Predictive Index for Tamarix ramosissima: Soil Texture Mediates Distribution in SE UtahPacala, Stephen Wilson
1999Urquhart, Benjamin NelsonA Quantitative Analysis of the Natural Succession of Cerrado (Strict Sense) in the Absence of Fire: Maranhão, BrazilPacala, Stephen Wilson
1998Rice, Corey JamesThe Regenerative Growth and Sapling Recruitment of Oaks and Pines in Response to the April 1995 Fire Within the New Jersey Pine BarrensPacala, Stephen Wilson
2009Marvel, James ThomasThe Use of Immuno-Compromised Chickens as a Novel Tool in Spatial EpidemiologyPacala, Stephen Wilson