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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2011Wenk, Joseph C.Arsenic Hyperaccumulator Species and Their Implications for PhytoremediationPacala, Stephen W.
2012Krieb, Karen B.Can Reforestation Restore Soil Quality? The Effects of Pasture Abandonment on Soil Chemistry in the Azuero Peninsula, PanamaPacala, Stephen W.
2012Badaracco, Christina E.Cattle Grazing and Biofuels in Kenya: Applying the Food vs. Fuel Debate To a Developing CountryPacala, Stephen W.
2011Parkhurst, Catherine H.The Cleaning Stations of Labroides dimidiatus as an Ecological Indicator and Monitoring Tool of Reef Fish BiodiversityPacala, Stephen W.
2011Ong, Ming X.Conched Out: An Ecological Study of Strombus gigas in Cayos Cochinos, HondurasPacala, Stephen W.
2011Schelegle, Sierra C.Connections in a Fragmented Landscape: Azuero Spider Monkey Corridors in the Azuero Peninsula, PanamaPacala, Stephen W.
1995Biggs, Trent WadeThe Development and Use of a Geographic Information Systems Snow Map for estimating equilibrium numbers of the Gray Wolf in Yellowstone National ParkPacala, Stephen W.
2007Lough, Lindsay E.Ecological Perspectives on the Microbial Community Structure of Shipwrecks: Evidence for a Temporal SuccessionPacala, Stephen W.
2017Nieves, DyonishiaThe Effect of Drought Conditions on Vertical Resin Duct Production in Pinus ponderosa Across an Elevational RangePacala, Stephen W.
2012Geronimus, Miriam, V.B.The Effect of Intersite Larval Size Variation on the Response of Porites astreoides to Ocean Acidification: A Resilience Approach to the Future of Coral Reefs.Pacala, Stephen W.
2017Rossettie, StephenEffects of Pine Beetle Epidemic on Water Quality in Boulder County, COPacala, Stephen W.
2011Barkley, Hannah C.Establishing Links Between Basin-Scale Climate and the Growth of Atlantic Corals: The Effect of Temperature and Feeding on Favia fragumPacala, Stephen W.
2012Jarry, Lucile C.Inter- and Intra-Specific Shifts in Wood Characteristics across the Midwestern Rainfall GradientPacala, Stephen W.
2017Trase, OliviaIntraspecific Competition Mediated by Mycorrhizal Fungi Alters Photosynthetic Response to Herbivory in SoybeanPacala, Stephen W.
2012Fredston-Hermann, Alexa L.A paleontological approach to the "shifting baselines" question in ecology: A case study of Caribbean reef-based mollusk communitiesPacala, Stephen W.
2011Brooks, Kelsey E.Phytoextraction of Heavy Metals by Local Weed Species: a Potential Method for Community Based Brownfield RemediationPacala, Stephen W.
2007Aramburu, Jason L.A Potential Atta-Ficus MutualismPacala, Stephen W.
2007Verrill, Sarah C.Quantifying mortality of tropical rainforest trees on a large-scale using high-resolution aerial photographyPacala, Stephen W.
2012Beck, Harold GreeleySouthern Pine as Feedstock for Cellulosic EthanolPacala, Stephen W.
1995Jasiunas, J. BanningThe Statistical power of trend detection through demographic analysis: effects of variance and sample size on the uncertainty of VPacala, Stephen W.