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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2016O’Neill, Hadley S.Adapting Austen: Translating Anger from Page to ScreenNunokawa, Jeff
1999Rath, Julie GouldBad Actors: The Teenage Outsider in Three Cold War NarrativesNunokawa, Jeff
2003Lee, LianglinThe Captivating Country HouseNunokawa, Jeff
2013Ford, AnnabelleCollecting in Henry James: Perfecting an Imperfect WorldNunokawa, Jeff
2000Sykes, Taylor MeredithCorporeality or "If It's A Symbol, To Hell With It": Images of the Body in Flannery O'Connor's Short FictionNunokawa, Jeff
2017Kasoff, JadeDeath, Divinity, and the Affirming Flame: From Eros to AgapeNunokawa, Jeff
2012Yanovsky, Jessica Rachel"Death-in-Life and Life-in-Death": The Soul Versus Society in Modern LiteratureNunokawa, Jeff
1999Bates, Talcott NealA Defense of the Obscene: Vladimir Nabokov's LolitaNunokawa, Jeff
1996Patterson, IV, William TroyThe Doctor, The Double, The Detective and the Degenerate: Male Hysteria in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeNunokawa, Jeff
2004Robinton, Andrew LewisThe Economics of Gossip in MiddlemarchNunokawa, Jeff
2006Haas, Laura JeanneThe Ends of Sorority: Marriage and Female Friendships from Edith Wharton to Jacqueline SusannNunokawa, Jeff
1995Naylor, Jennifer A.Female Identity and Its Changing Relationship to the Spectacle: At the Turn of the 19th and 20th CenturyNunokawa, Jeff
1997Rudy, Jason RobertFiguring the Self: Aesthetic Seduction, Influence, and Pleasure in the works of Oscar Wilde and E.M. ForsterNunokawa, Jeff
2005Moore, Margaret B.From Nature to Culture: Eliot's Descent from DarwinismNunokawa, Jeff
1993Schurr, Stephen M.Herman Melville's and John Huston's Respective Discussions and Approaches to Moby Dick's Racial Themes, Or, How Melville's Pequod Voyage is a Symbolic Warning to White America Over Slavery and How Huston Misses the BoatNunokawa, Jeff
2000Banks, Christopher PatrickHorrors of the Night: Homoeroticism and the Undead in Dracula and Heart of DarknessNunokawa, Jeff
2002Slass, MichaelImmunity From Corruption and Transformation of Property in the Novels of Charles DickensNunokawa, Jeff
2018Jundanian, JackMediations of Historical Trauma through the Opaque in the Works of Peter BalakianNunokawa, Jeff
1996Tipson, David FrederickMetaphors of Confinement: The Uses of Gender Raxonomy and Domesticity in Dickens, Tennyson, and WaughNunokawa, Jeff
1993Brandt, Diana A.Nella Larsen: Split in TwoNunokawa, Jeff