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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2019Reyes, JorgeAn Affordable Navigation and Weed Detection System for Farming RobotNosenchuck, Daniel
2012Orsita, Fred; Torre, FedericoAutomated Window Cleaning RobotNosenchuck, Daniel
2016Zirkel, DanielAUTOMORPHOSIS: A CAR FOR ANY APPLICATIONNosenchuck, Daniel
1994Techet, Alexandra H.CFD Study of Lorentz Force Effects on Periodic Couette Flow Between Two PlatesNosenchuck, Daniel
1995Nuckowski, Thomas; Kaufman, Eleanor; Courter, Blake; Goldman, DinaConcurrent Design and Rapid Prototyping of a Small, Low Cost Turbojet EngineNosenchuck, Daniel
2007Franken, JosephContinuously Variable Transmission for Efficient Inner-City TransportationNosenchuck, Daniel
2008Brenner, Robert J.; Cummins, Daniel J.Cummins-Brenner Turbine Engine: Design and Build a Turbine Engine as a Standalone Power Plant for Deployment in Developing CountriesNosenchuck, Daniel
1996Reilly, Michael; Peralta, Tom; Pawlowski, Brad; Nied, JohnDesign and Test of an Internal Combustion Engine - Final ReportNosenchuck, Daniel
2008Downey, Alexander L.Design of a Commercially Viable Electric Propulsion System for a BicycleNosenchuck, Daniel
2015Cheung, Lai Sang Liza; Liang, Jessica; Wu, HaleyDesign of a Point-to-Point Transportation System via Aerial RopewaysNosenchuck, Daniel
2013Becker, DanielThe Design of an Autonomous Human Tracking Robot with Pacing ApplicationsNosenchuck, Daniel
2020Dale, SamDeveloping a Consumer Product that Mechanically Shields a Bicycle Seat from Rain and SnowNosenchuck, Daniel
1983Ryan, Paul T.Development of a Word Boundary Recognizer for Real-Time Voice RecognitionNosenchuck, Daniel
2013Rees, JuliaDrag-Reducing Rear Fairings for Tractor TrailersNosenchuck, Daniel
2020Andre, Kate; Hetrick, MatthewDrink Up: A Smart, Hydration-Focused Water BottleNosenchuck, Daniel
2019Turley, NikitaElectroMagnetic Intake Valve Actuation Using a SubwooferNosenchuck, Daniel
2016Cheehan, Jeremy; Ezratty, Samuel; Hull, ForrestExARM: The Design and Fabrication of an Exoskeleton for the Assistance and Rehabilitation of MusclesNosenchuck, Daniel
2003Holl, Michael; Ramsey, DanielGas Turbine Design and ConstructionNosenchuck, Daniel
2014Tinsman, Winfield ScottGrowing Closer Aeroponic SystemNosenchuck, Daniel
2003Klink, Maura; Johnston, ErinHydrodynamic Forces and Flow About an Amphibious VehicleNosenchuck, Daniel