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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015Zhao, AlexanderAggregating, Classifying, and Ranking Research BlogsNarayanan, Arvind
2018Lamarche, BrigitteAn Analysis of Algorithmic Bias on TwitterNarayanan, Arvind
2015Choi, GreenAn Automated Approach to Ad Tracker Detection and ClassificationNarayanan, Arvind
-Englehardt, StevenAutomated discovery of privacy violations on the webNarayanan, Arvind
2018Clark, ThomasBinge-Watching Your Way to Polarization? Measuring and Addressing Political Echo Chamber Effects on YouTubeNarayanan, Arvind
2016Mayer, Lucasblockpy a fast, extensible, in-memory, researcher-oriented Bitcoin blockchain analysis framework in Python 3Narayanan, Arvind
2022Curl, JustinClosing The Gap: Mitigating Performance Disparities Without Diverse Training DataNarayanan, Arvind
2014Reisman, DillonCookie Crumbs and Unwelcome JavaScript: Evaluating the hidden privacy threats posed by the “mashed-up” webNarayanan, Arvind
2022Moeser, MalteCryptocurrency Privacy in PracticeNarayanan, Arvind
2023Pham, HienEducational Materials Accompanying Reporting Standards for Machine Learning-based ScienceNarayanan, Arvind
2019Li, HaochenThe Emergence of Race and Sex from Face Recognition SystemNarayanan, Arvind
2017Abdulhusein, NeamahExtracting Empirical Statistics on Gender Bias From Word Embeddings: A Multilingual AnalysisNarayanan, Arvind
2015Wang, XixiaFound: Uncovering Personal Information Fields Through TwitterNarayanan, Arvind
2019Nyquist, JessicaThe Good Judge: Evaluating the Ethical Permissibility of Risk Prediction Algorithms in the US Criminal Justice SystemNarayanan, Arvind; Pickard, Hanna
2023Roberts, Claudia VeronicaHuman-machine Collaboration in Real-World Machine-Learning ApplicationsNarayanan, Arvind
2017Han, JeffreyI Never Signed Up For This!Narayanan, Arvind
2015Saha, ShubhroA large-scale, dynamic analysis of user privacy in Android applicationsNarayanan, Arvind
2021Feng, KevinLowering the Barrier for Web Advertisement Research at ScaleNarayanan, Arvind
-Goldfeder, Steven AndrewOff-chain protocols for cryptocurrenciesNarayanan, Arvind