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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Li, Yaqin"Bandit Suppression" in Manchukuo (1932-1945)Naquin, Susan
2005Cheng, JonathanBattlefronts: From the Far East to the Western Newsroom: War Correspondence During the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95Naquin, Susan
2000Waterhouse, Benjamin C.Bureaucratic Molestation? The Genesis of Federal Narcotics Control in America, 1914--1937Naquin, Susan
2007Gallagher, Casey H.Changing Course: Government Involvement in the Chinese Securities IndustryNaquin, Susan
-Bonk, James BruceChinese Military Men and Cultural Practice in the Early Nineteenth Century Qing Empire (1800-1840)Naquin, Susan
2008Saunders, Francine M.Choreographers and Critics: Perceptions of Chinese Modern Dance, 1973 - 2008Naquin, Susan
2000Knapp, Jeffrey DanielComposing a New Sense of Community in China: The Evolution of Chinese Music from the Late Qing to the Republican PeriodNaquin, Susan
2001Jones, BethanyThe Defense of the Peitang CathedralNaquin, Susan
1996Fong, Kevin WeiThe Development of the Chinese Community in South FloridaNaquin, Susan
2005MacNamara, William A.Dream of the Red Blast Furnace: Literary Imaginings of Early Communist ChinaNaquin, Susan
2009Evans, Matthew GeorgeEvaluating Yuan Shikai: Britain's Reaction to the Troubled Founding of the World's Largest Republic and its President, 1911-1916Naquin, Susan
1995Sherwood, Matthew H.Hit Me Again, Uncle Sam: Indian Gaming and Government RegulationNaquin, Susan
1998Wang, TinaHomosexuality in Contemporary China: An Ideological and Socio-Political Examination of Chinese Homosexuals in the 1980's and 1990's An Ideological, socio-political examination of homosexuality (1990-1998)Naquin, Susan
2002Hammerberg, Meredith LeeJacob Burck: Portrait of an Artist as a Radical CartoonistNaquin, Susan
1998Freeman, DanielThe Jingwu Hui: Nationalism, Physical Culture and Modernity in Early Republican ChinaNaquin, Susan
1998Park, Alyssa M."The Korean Question:" Korean Immigration to the Russian Far East 1880-1917Naquin, Susan
2008Wang, Frank Yu-ChiehLecturing For God: The YMCA, Science, and the ChineseNaquin, Susan
1997Lo, PriscillaLiving in a Modern Colony: Hong King Identity in the 1960s-1990sNaquin, Susan
-Siemon, Katherine AlexisMagistrates and the Law: Judicial Authority and Capital Cases in the Yongzheng Era, 1722-1735Naquin, Susan
1997Wong, LisaMakin Bodies: Costumes of Nudity and Adornment in 1920s and 1930s ChinaNaquin, Susan