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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2011Zimmerman, MatthewCombating Paternalism with Paternalism to Remedy Market Failure: Policy Proposal to End the Shortage in Available Kidneys for TransplantMorris, Stephen
2007Owings, Luke T.The Effect of the Internet on the Educational Expectations of High School SophomoresMorris, Stephen
-Lamba, RohitEssays in Dynamic Mechanism DesignMorris, Stephen
-Shishkin, DenisEssays in Information EconomicsMorris, Stephen; Ortoleva, Pietro
-Parameswaran, GiridharEssays in Political Economy: Incentive and Efficiency Implications of Institutional Rules in Three Political SettingsLondregan, John B; Morris, Stephen
-Antic, NemanjaEssays in Robustness and Mechanism DesignMorris, Stephen
-Grillo, EdoardoEssays on Strategic Information TransmissionMorris, Stephen
-Sugaya, TakuoThe Folk Theorem in Repeated Games with Private MonitoringMorris, Stephen
2013Figueroa, JosuéOver-Experimentation in Contracts for Experimenting AgentsMorris, Stephen
2013Elkind, Daniel H.Relative Return Paranoia: Mutual Fund Managerial Incentives and the Implied Volatility SkewMorris, Stephen
2007Walker, BrandonSignaling Effects of Corporate ActionsMorris, Stephen
-Rachkov, AndreiThree Essays in Mechanism DesignMorris, Stephen
2011Huang, JasonThe Trade-Off Between Underpricing and Price Accuracy: An Analysis of Allocation Discrimination in Book BuildingMorris, Stephen
-Schonger, MartinVouchers, Equality and CompetitionMorris, Stephen