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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2016Shaw, SummerChinese Import Competition in India: A Firm-Level Analysis of Industrial Activity and PollutionMody, Ashoka
2014Isenstein, JaredDiagnosing the Spanish Flu: Monetary Union Dynamics Through the Lens of Spain, the United Kingdom, and FloridaMody, Ashoka
2015Tyson, JuliaEast Asia’s Big Leap ForwardMody, Ashoka
2017Yeung, DerekEuro Area Banks: An Endangered SpeciesMody, Ashoka
2015Ebanks, DanielEuropean Integration through Political Mobilization: Is it Still Possible?Mody, Ashoka
2018McHugh, ColleenFinancial Contagion: Channels and Significance in Recent CrisesMody, Ashoka
2016Turbayne, DianaForeign Knowledge for Economic Growth: Channels and FormsMody, Ashoka
2014Jung, Naeun VerenaHow Much and When Did Financial Vulnerabilities Influence the Evolution of the Great Recession?Mody, Ashoka
2021Dayoub, DianaThe Indian Crime-Politics Nexus: Who Is Paying the Price?Mody, Ashoka
2018Lurie, RachelIntergenerational Economic Mobility in Great Britain: Traps and OpportunitiesMody, Ashoka
2019Ellis, BenjaminIntergenerational Mobility in Germany: Trends and Political ConsequencesMody, Ashoka
2021Scheerer, RobertThe Iron Fist that Feeds: Assessing the Politically Coercive Properties of Chinese Debt in AfricaMody, Ashoka
2017Becheau, QuentinLegitimacy Under Threat: 25 Years of Declining Support for the European UnionMody, Ashoka
2019Durbin, CharlieRegulation Fair Disclosure Comes to Hollywood: A Quantitative Analysis of Celebrities' Impact on Individual Stock PricesMody, Ashoka
2015Cash, Ryan J.The Role of the Media in the Greek Debt Crisis: The Organic Origination of Bias and its Reactive Reduction in a Competition for CredibilityMody, Ashoka
2017Youn, VicU.S Interstate Migration: A Rare ExceptionMody, Ashoka
2019Mohney, JoshuaUS MIDTERM ELECTIONS 2010-2018: Socioeconomic Factors in Turnout and Candidate IdeologyMody, Ashoka