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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2007Stone, Charles M.The Abadan Affair of 1951: The Triangular Diplomacy of the United States, Great Britain, and IranMiles, Paul L.
2003Karakoulakis, John OwensAlternate Perspectives of the First Summit: Reexamining Churchill and Roosevelt's Atlantic ConferenceMiles, Paul L.
2006Holliday, Joseph L.Another Type of War: Counterinsurgency in the Kennedy AdministrationMiles, Paul L.
2003Ruthsatz, Kimberly MarieAnthony Eden and the Anglo-American Special Relationship: The Problem of France in World War IIMiles, Paul L.
2006Moretti, David AnthonyA Brahmin in Saigon: Henry Cabot Lodge and the American Experience in VietnamMiles, Paul L.
2002O'Beirne, PhilipCasual Ties: The Role of Casualties and the Media in Public Support for Military OperationsMiles, Paul L.
2006Hearne, Alexander SchadeChallenge, Collaboration, and Consent: Anglo-American Relations and the Problem of Vietnam, 1954-57Miles, Paul L.
2002Morton, Liam PhillipCreating the N.S.C.: James Forrestal and Defining the Concept of National SecurityMiles, Paul L.
2002Ebel, Oran MichaelDeception, Dissent, and the Purity of Arms: Israel and Operation Peace for GalileeMiles, Paul L.
2008Muller, Joseph Z.God's Willing Instruments: Private Religion and Public Action in Late Victorian EnglandMiles, Paul L.
2013Parsons, TimothyH. Freeman Matthews and the United States Embassy in France: 1937-1942Miles, Paul L.
2002Sullivan, Patrick AndrewA Half-Sheet of Paper: Churchill's Percentages and the Denouement of an AllianceMiles, Paul L.
2008Emerson, Colin D.Hamilton Fish Armstrong and the Interventionist/Isolationist Debates of 1939 to 1941: A New PerspectiveMiles, Paul L.
2003Hoopes, Nathaniel LowreyJoseph C. Harsch: World Correspondent for the 'American Century'Miles, Paul L.
2007Allard, Tyler"Just This Side of the Line:" The Iranian Crisis of 1946Miles, Paul L.
2009Craft, Elizabeth Anne Henderson"Land of Commerce and Freedom": The New Nation and the Barbary Crisis, 1783-1794Miles, Paul L.
2011Kwartler, Zachary Sy BarashA Late-life Crisis: The Evolution of Hamilton Fish Armstrong's Opposition to the Vietnam WarMiles, Paul L.
2005Faigen, ZacharyNavigating the Middle Way: An Analysis of William Bundy's Role in the Formation of Vietnam PolicyMiles, Paul L.
2005Keating, Jared D.The President & the Pirates: Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary WarMiles, Paul L.
2012Adams, Marjorie Potts"Princeton University Has Never Been Found Wanting" Princeton Mobilizes for World War IIMiles, Paul L.