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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1995Lawhorne, Mary GervaiseConfederate Surgeons: an enduring legacy in the history of American medicineMcPherson, James Munro
1995Bossy, Denise IleanaCreating Cultures of Resistance: African and Creek Relationships in the Late Eighteenth CenturyMcPherson, James Munro
1994Todd, Richard MorrisDisease in the American Civil War: An Analysis of Causes, Effect on the Armies, and Preventive EffortsMcPherson, James Munro
1995Frantz, Edward O.Education for All: Rutherford B. Hayes, African-Americans, and American IndiansMcPherson, James Munro
1998Walsh, Kathleen AnnThe Humble Shamrock and the Proud Laurels: The Assimilation of the Irish through the American Civil WarMcPherson, James Munro
1990Walter, Matthew PierreLa Junta de Tres Culturas: The Cultural Consciousness of the Soldiers and Civilians of Fort Union, New MexicoMcPherson, James Munro
1998Berkelhammer, Melissa DanielleThe Labor Competition Thesis: An Analysis of its Influence on Democratic Civil War Politics, the Cincinnati Riot of 1862, and the New York City Draft Riots of 1863McPherson, James Munro
1998Metcalf, Robert LohneThe New South Exposed: Race Relations and Industrialization at the Cotton States and International Exposition of 1895 and the Tennessee Centennial Exposition of 1897McPherson, James Munro
1998Thomas, Michael PaulPower and Prejudice: The Failure of Reconstruction in North CarolinaMcPherson, James Munro
1995Haley, ClintonThe Red River Dixie Boys Four Years with the 11th Texas Cavalry C.S.A.McPherson, James Munro
1998Benner, Caroline McGregorResponsive Diplomacy: The United States Propaganda Campaign in France during the American Civil WarMcPherson, James Munro
1995Lindsay, Stewart BreedThe Seventh Florida Infantry: A Regimental HistoryMcPherson, James Munro
1995O'Neil, David A."When This Cruel War Is Over:" The Civil War Veterans' Readjustment to Civilian LifeMcPherson, James Munro