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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1997Kadish, Samuel J.A.B. Guthrie, Jr.: Interpreting Western American History Through FictionMcFeely, Eliza
1997O'Brien, Tiffany P.The American South in Hollywood Film 1949-1963McFeely, Eliza
1998Demsey, John BaxterAtomic Strategies: The Effects of American and Soviet Political Managerial Systems on Atomic Policy Negotiations, 1945-1949McFeely, Eliza
1999Taylor, Julia ArielConjecture, Justice and Intrigues: The Committee on Public Information, 1917-1919McFeely, Eliza
1998FitzPatrick, Beth AlexandraCreating Community: Evangelicals, Prisoners, and the Work of Charles ColsonMcFeely, Eliza
1997Marsh, Carter S.Defining Conservation in the Progressive Era: The Struggle for Hetch Hetchy ValleyMcFeely, Eliza
1997Lundberg, Theodore B.Democracy in the Valley: The Development of David Lilienthal's Vision for the TVA in New Deal America 1933-1939McFeely, Eliza
1999Pruitt, Sarah HobbsThe Envisioned City: Image and Reality in Los Angeles Through the Great DepressionMcFeely, Eliza
1997Bailey, Robin ElizabethEuro-American Women's Response to the Western Landscape: A Study of Pioneering Oregon WomenMcFeely, Eliza
1998Siciliano, Karen ElizabethExposing Evelyn: Cultural Archetype, Criminal Law, and Sensationalist Press in the Harry K. Thaw "Trial of the Century"McFeely, Eliza
2000Witte, GriffinHalberstam's War: The New York Times' Crusading Reporter and Kennedy's Decisions in VietnamMcFeely, Eliza
2000Stawicki, Susan ReneeLiving Memory: The Construction of Narrative, History, and Healing Continuum through the National and New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' MemorialsMcFeely, Eliza
1997Wheeler, Hillary M.Looking Back with Faith: Experiences of African-American Mormons Previous to the Revelation of 1978McFeely, Eliza
1999Booth, CourtneyA Penny for Her Thoughts : A Look at the People and Influences which Shaped the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Collection of American Folk ArtMcFeely, Eliza
1998Walton, Elizabeth Marie CeciliaPower Plays and Morality Plays: The Pueblo Indians and the Battle between Church and State in Spanish North AmericaMcFeely, Eliza
1995Sifuentes, Juan CarlosThe Rhetoric of Subversion and Inimical Responses to American Black Protest During the 1960s Period of Civil Disorders Beginning with Watts (CLASS OF 1995)McFeely, Eliza
1999Kennedy, Dara Margaret"She Misses Some Goals": The Paradoxical American Woman of the Mid-1950's MagazineMcFeely, Eliza
1999Montgomery, Christopher MatthewSuffering Healers: Military Medicine in World War II Chronicled in the Writings of Henry K. MontgomeryMcFeely, Eliza
1998Christy, Emily SusanThe Titanic Legacy: A Window into American SocietyMcFeely, Eliza