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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2017Kane, Philomina1 Mosquito 4 Viruses: Characterization of Aedes aegypti populations within Ghana: correlations between habitat, morphology, and behaviorMcBride, Lindy
2019Hohmann, AlexandraComparing the Antennal Lobes of Two Forms of Culex pipiens MosquitoMcBride, Lindy
2020Ewing, ElizaCorrelation between Tergite Scaling and Desiccation Resistance in Aedes AegyptiMcBride, Lindy
2017Kouassi-Brou, MarilynThe Effects of Sulcatone and Larval Crowding on Oviposition Site Selection of Aedes aegyptiMcBride, Lindy
2021You, JanetHabitat Hunting: A characterization of dissolved oxygen concentration dynamics in artificial breeding grounds in urban habitats for Aedes aegypti domestic subspeciesMcBride, Lindy
2019Ibe, NnennaInvestigating Olfactory Preferences in Aedes aegypti Dependent on Location of Origin: A Determination of Animal vs. Human Preference, Analysis of Locational Determinants and Implication on the Spread of Disease in Resulting UrbanizationMcBride, Lindy
2021Owhochukwu, ChinwenduOlfactory Coding: A Coding Mechanism Per Insect BehaviorsMcBride, Lindy
2019Miller, AlexandraOxygen as a hatching cue for Aedes aegypti: a comparative study investigating differences in hatching behavior among generalist and domestic subspeciesMcBride, Lindy
2022Crites, SeanSmelling for Consumption: An investigation of the genetic underpinnings of host-odor preference in Culex pipiens mosquitoesMcBride, Lindy
2020Kaur, JaskiranSniffing out snacks: Olfaction based host preferences in Culex pipiens mosquitoesMcBride, Lindy
2020Colon, AlexandraWhat's for Dinner?: A genetic analysis of host preference variation in Culex pipiens mosquitoesMcBride, Lindy