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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2004Powell, Marina KathleenBlack Scare: J. Edgar Hoover and the Destruction of the Black Power MovementMathieu, Sarah-Jane
2001Denbo, Jr., Donald ScottBorder Crossings: An Examination of the Alaska-Canadian Frontier During the Klondike Gold RushMathieu, Sarah-Jane
2004Parris, Michelle LauraConflict, Contradictions and Colonialism: The Role of Race and Class in the Political Ideologies of George Padmore and C. L. R. James through 1945Mathieu, Sarah-Jane
2002Guyer, Dana Levy"Death and Sorrow, the Companions of Our Journey": Tuberculosis Among Jews and African Americans in New York City, 1880-1930Mathieu, Sarah-Jane
2001Freitag, Nicholas AdamEthnic Hierarchy and Racial Prejudice in Chicago's Union Stockyards and South Side CommunitiesMathieu, Sarah-Jane
2005Davis, Kelly CharlidaGodsend or Genocide? Race and the Birth Control Movement, 1930-1972Mathieu, Sarah-Jane
2005Albinson, Jennifer McCouenMothers of a Revolution: Gender Politics and Grassroots Leadership in the Civil Rights MovementMathieu, Sarah-Jane
2002Scott, Elizabeth LaurenPolitics, Propaganda, and Protest: The Nazi Showcase and the Racial Showdown at the 1936 Olympic Games in BerlinMathieu, Sarah-Jane
2004Williamson, Samantha LeighThe Power of the Ring: Professional Boxing and American Identity, 1890-1940Mathieu, Sarah-Jane
2002Bardenwerper, Helen ElizabethRace, Health, and Medical Care in the Jim Crow South: The Fatal Effects of Discrimination in Appalachia and Alabama, 1900-1950Mathieu, Sarah-Jane
2005Gonda, Jeffrey D.Race, Rights, and Restrictive Covenants: McGhee v. Sipes and the Impact of the Restrictive Covenant Cases on NAACP Civil Rights LitigationMathieu, Sarah-Jane
2001Haarlow, RebeccaRedefining Femininity in the United States: The Effect of the Soviet Union on the Movement of the Twentieth Century Female AthleteMathieu, Sarah-Jane
2001Charles, Misha J.Violence, Black Power, and the Revolutionizing of the Black Panther PartyMathieu, Sarah-Jane
2004Lawlor, Stefanie Michelle"We Played for Something Greater that Could not be Measured in Dollars and Cents:" Race, Sport, and the Transformation of PittsburghMathieu, Sarah-Jane