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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2012Rose, Quintilio RamonBrowning's Solitary Man: Victorian Ideals of Manhood and the Threat of the Masculine OtherMartin, Meredith
-Marraccini, MirandaFeminist Types: Reading the Victoria PressNord, Deborah; Martin, Meredith
2016Johanning, CameronFilm Stylistics as the Apparatus of Adaptation: A Study of Bram Stoker’s Dracula 1897-2003Martin, Meredith
2014Reelick, KelseyGeorge Orwell and the Controversial Allegorical NovelMartin, Meredith
2012Lee, Hyung Lae"Kon the Louis Vuitton Don": Rhyme in Kanye West's The College DropoutMartin, Meredith
2012Park, Donna Seyoung"The Labyrinth of Her Own Creation": The Longing for Alternative Narratives in War LiteratureMartin, Meredith
2016Gardner, Katherine McKinnonThe Movie in Your Head: Toward a Poetics of Virtual Reality StorytellingMartin, Meredith
2008Latella, Blaise J.Mutineers and Miscreants: An Investigation of Authorship and AuthorityMartin, Meredith
2018Curtis, MelissaA Quiet Rebellion: Shakespeare's Liberation of Women and Manipulation of MenMartin, Meredith
2013Cooke, KellyThe Reader’s Burden: A Comparison of the texts of Primo Levi and Charlotte Delbo Across Genres of Holocaust RepresentationMartin, Meredith
2013Palmquist, JenniferRepresentation and Reality: Navigating the Military Identity and the Modern MemoirMartin, Meredith
2018Zeng, ReginaShakespeare’s Neglected Queens: A Reconsideration of the Minor Queens in Richard II, Richard III, and Henry VIIIMartin, Meredith
2010Brown, Jenate AnnalethiaShape-Shifter: Contemporary Black Feminist Poets Re-imagine The Myth of the Black Female BodyMartin, Meredith
2020Blaugrund, JaneShe's in Charge: Rethinking Gender and Genre in "The Power"Martin, Meredith
2015Williams II, Allen K.The Spook Who Sat by the Time Machine : Race and Ontology in Science Fiction and the Digital Humanities.Martin, Meredith
2019Kaplan, WillStar Wars Succession Crisis: The Shape of Authorship in the Multi-Author FranchiseMartin, Meredith; Chihaya, Sarah
2015Lax, Brian EverettSuturing Auden: Text(s) of “September 1, 1939”Martin, Meredith
2010Magnon, Grant Cole"This beauteous form assures a piteous mind": Style and Religion in Donne and CrashawMartin, Meredith
2013Martins, HannahTykes at Troy: The Mutability of the Iliad as a Pedagogical Tool, 1878-1962Martin, Meredith