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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2006Ferrell, Catherine McGregor1893 World's Columbian Exhibition: Reactions to Civilization and SavageryMahoney, Michael S.
2003Gray, Chancellor Folsom"All Nature is Merely a Cipher": The Scientific Philosophy of Blaise de VigenereMahoney, Michael S.
2002King, Patrick JosephComputer Security: Origins, First Steps, and Reactions to in the United StatesMahoney, Michael S.
2006Gibson, Alexander A.Developing CALL: B. F. Skinner, Behaviorism, and the Early Years of Computer-Assisted Language LearningMahoney, Michael S.
1997Trela, Felicia L.The Development and Decline of Child Oblation in Medieval MonasticismMahoney, Michael S.
2006Azzaretti, LawrenceElectric Longitude: Building a Nineteenth Century Solution to the Problem of Determining LongitudeMahoney, Michael S.
1994Goldberg, Brian EdwardEli Whitney: Persistence of a MythMahoney, Michael S.
2003Kessides, Maria ChristinaFrom Crisis to Crisis: The Emergence of Health Maintenance Organizations and Their Role in Reconstructing the American Health Care SystemMahoney, Michael S.
2007Aguwa, Okezie K.From Galton to Osborn: The Origins of the American Eugenics Movement, its Popularization, and Reformation in a Scientific Context, 1865-1955Mahoney, Michael S.
2006Rea, Jennifer L.Incubating Life through the Ticket Booth: The Exhibition of Premature Infants in America, 1898-1915.Mahoney, Michael S.
1993Burnett, DavidMechanical Lens-Making in the Seventeenth Century: Philosophers, Artisans and MachinesMahoney, Michael S.
2004Martinez, Jr., Albert JosephPiraticus Rex: The Cinque Ports and Royal Authority in the Middle AgesMahoney, Michael S.
1993Locke, Matthew D.Planned Obsolescence: How the Automobile Industry, the Industrial Designer and Advertising Shaped the American Consciousness through Mass Culture 1900-1940Mahoney, Michael S.
1993Andrews, MarkitaThe Regulation and Practice of Medicine during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with Special Emphasis on the Position of Women in the Practice of MedicineMahoney, Michael S.
2007Eko, Kalle K.Satellite Development in the United States: A History of Government, Industry, and Individual Involvement in Artificial Satellite and Communications Satellite DevelopmentMahoney, Michael S.
1997Kearns, John N.Selling Cybernetics to the SovietsMahoney, Michael S.
1993Douglas, Kimberly A.There is No "I" in Team: The Industrial Recreation Movement of the Early Twentieth CenturyMahoney, Michael S.