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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2000Lippincott, Sophie ElizabethBreeding a Better Nation: Eugenics, Sterilization Laws, and Gender in Early 20th Century AmericaLunbeck, Elizabeth
2004Self, Bruce AndersonBureaucracy, Exploitation, and Textiles: A Rural Mill Village's Inability to Join the General Textile Strike of 1934Lunbeck, Elizabeth
1999Kimball, Astri BaillieControlling Birth Control: The Legal Legacy of Anthony ComstockLunbeck, Elizabeth
2000Maddox, Hilary PaigeA Detour on the Road to Reproductive Freedom: A History of the Justification of the Hyde AmendmentLunbeck, Elizabeth
1994O'Rourke, Catheryn A.The Early History of Foster Care in New York City: An Attempt to Use the American Home to Mitigate the Threat of Dependent ChildrenLunbeck, Elizabeth
2005Khwarg, JuewonFrom Kraepelin to Spitzer: A Study on the Development of the DSM-III Concept of SchizophreniaLunbeck, Elizabeth
1997Applegate, Dawn ReneeIn the Crucible: Preserving and Reconstructing Gender Roles, Identities, and Hierarchies in Japanese Civilian Internment Camps, 1942-1945Lunbeck, Elizabeth
1996Gruen, Alison Brett"Invigorated by the Contest": Woman's Work in Breaking the Barriers of Professional MedicineLunbeck, Elizabeth
1999Moore, Emily ElizabethJosie Arlington's Storyville: The Life and Times of a Turn of the Century MadamLunbeck, Elizabeth
1996Lippman, RachelMothers and Wives: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Betty Friedan, and the Feminist Struggle for IdentityLunbeck, Elizabeth
2005Lee, MinnaPopularizing Thorazine: An Examination of the Relationship Between American Psychiatry and Smith Kline & FrenchLunbeck, Elizabeth
1996Bier, Andrea JillPregnancy, Society, and the Workplace: A Study of Changes in Pregnancy in the Post-World War II and Women's Rights EraLunbeck, Elizabeth
1996McDevitt, Michael JohnThe Strenuous Life: The Influence of Intercollegiate Sport on the Construction of American Manhood, 1852-1905Lunbeck, Elizabeth
2004Scott, Emily GayleTell Her About It: The Inclusion of Women in Social Discourse Through the "How America Lives" Series in the Ladies' Home Journal, 1940-1949Lunbeck, Elizabeth
1999Pearson, Jerusha AnnWhere Have All the Women Gone? The Impact of the Flexner Era Reforms on Female PhysiciansLunbeck, Elizabeth