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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015McNellis, RyanClassification of Autism Disorder Using Functional Connectivity Networks Obtained Through Sparse Inverse Covariance EstimationLiu, Han
-Lu, JunweiCombinatorial Inference for Large-Scale Data AnalysisLiu, Han; Fan, Jianqing
2017Xin, Derrickdnn: An R Package for Feed Foward, Convolutional, and Recurrent Neural NetworksLiu, Han
2015Khore, KarthikAn Empirical Evaluation of Deep Architecture Classification Using Simulated DatasetsLiu, Han
2017Chen, XinForward-Looking Factor Models of Partial Default Correlations: Identification of Systemic ImportanceLiu, Han
2017Joshi, ShreyasA Framework for Implementing Predictive Analytics in the High Frequency Trading RealmLiu, Han
2016Xiao, FelixGraph Partitioning and Distance Correlation Approaches to Brain ParcellationLiu, Han
2016Zou, JiaweiA Graphical Model Approach to Study the Neural Network during Narrative ComprehensionLiu, Han
2017Tian, AmyA High-Dimensional Visualization System with Applications to Portfolio SelectionLiu, Han
2015Nathan, ShreyaImbalanced fMRI Classification: An Ensemble ApproachLiu, Han
2014Charash, PhilipAn Intensive Analysis of Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction: Applying the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm and Principal Component Analysis to Classify Handwritten DigitsLiu, Han
-Eisenach, CarsonModern Optimization for Statistics and LearningLiu, Han
2015Zhang, RebeccaMulti-task Models for Predicting the Progression of Alzheimer's from MRILiu, Han
2016Zhou, EddieNested Models and Nonparametric LSTMs in Vision-Based Autonomous Driving and Developing an R Package for Bayesian-Optimized Deep LearningLiu, Han
-Wang, ZhaoranNonconvex Statistical OptimizationLiu, Han
2016Hssaine, ChamsiA Nonparametric Statistical Approach to Inter-Subject Functional Connectivity Analyses of the BrainLiu, Han
2017Liu, LydiaOn the Two-Sample Statistic Approach to Generative Adversarial NetworksLiu, Han
-Ekwedike, EmmanuelOptimal Decision Making via Stochastic Modeling and Machine Learning: Applications to Resource Allocation Problems and Sequential Decision ProblemsMassey, William; Liu, Han
2017Ding, YuePower Enhanced Binary Expansion Testing Procedures for Independence DetectionLiu, Han