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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2004Ong, HomerAn Algorithm for Determining FlippabilityLiu, Bede
1996Saengudomlert, PoompatAlgorithm for the Detection of Faces in Digital VDO ImagesLiu, Bede
1992Chang, Thomas C.Analysis of Color Conversion ErrorsLiu, Bede
1993Tamada, MelissaAnalysis of Color Errors Due to Multiple Conversions Between (G, B, R) and (Y, Cb, Cr) Color RepresentationsLiu, Bede
2001Sanders, JasonAutomated Mex-File Generation for MATLABLiu, Bede
1995Yow, Kuanhua DennisAutomatic Retrieval of Sports Highlights from VideoLiu, Bede
2011Koscielny, ChristopherAutomatic Super ResolutionLiu, Bede
1992Marucheck, MichaelA Color Simulation of the Sarnoff Proposal for HDTV TransmissionLiu, Bede
1992Kim, SusanColor TV; Chrominance Processing in High Definition TelevisionLiu, Bede
1993Sullivan, DavidComparison of Various Video Styles Before and After High Definition Television TransmissionLiu, Bede
1989Gray, Donald M.Design and Implementation of a Non-Continuous Speech Recognition SystemLiu, Bede
1990Sellers, Scott D.Design of a 20 MHZ FFT ProcessorLiu, Bede
1990Kaplan, Eric J.Digital Image Enhancement of Peripheral Angiography ImagesLiu, Bede
1992Loomis, Brian W.Error Analysis of Digital HDTV SystemsLiu, Bede
2002Sylvester, LucilleError Concealment in ImagesLiu, Bede
1993Srinivasan, RaviAn Examination of Error Effects in the MPEG Video BitstreamLiu, Bede
1993Srinivasan, RaviExamining and Concealing Errors in the MPEG Video BitstreamLiu, Bede
2002Yoxtheimer, Adam; Ronan, Brian; Heitz, George; Wall, Jeremy; Lee, JonathanAn Exploration of the Applications of Digital TelevisionLiu, Bede
1996Wu, TanyaExtraction of Sturcture from Digital Video Using Audio InformationLiu, Bede
1996Saengudomlert, PoompatFace Recognition in Digital VDO ImagesLiu, Bede