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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1988Taguchi, TomooThe 68008 GPIB Interface ComputerLittman, Michael
2002Rajegowda, ManojAI Tactics for Web-Based GlossariesLittman, Michael
1992McConnell, Stephanie C.The Artificial Brain Stem of the Skilled Learning Intelligent Manipulator: First Semester Progress ReportLittman, Michael
2018Miller, DelaneyAssessment of a Wireless Accelerometer System for Tracking Asymmetries in GaitLittman, Michael
2020Timo, MatthewAutoPot Autonomous Agricultural SystemLittman, Michael
2020Castellon, Julian[Bring] Instax BackLittman, Michael
2008Kolade, Taofik; Wood, Michael E.Camera Stabilization with a Stewart PlatformLittman, Michael
2004Yang, MichaelCentrally Guided Formation Driving: Control Algorithm and Velocity ModelingLittman, Michael
2008Girvin, Joshua M.The De Prony Brake: Historical and Scientific SignificanceLittman, Michael
1994Comas, George MichaelDesign and Construction of an Adjustable Lap Tray AlternativeLittman, Michael
2012Read, ClarkeDesign of an Optimized Weightlifting MachineLittman, Michael
2021Chin, DouglasDesign, Development, and Launch of a Canard-Controlled RocketLittman, Michael
2019Snow, BeniDesign, Simulation, and Testing of an ABS/GOX Hybrid Rocket EngineLittman, Michael
1992Strayhorn, DavidDevelopment of a CMAC Neural Net Module for Use in Skill Acquisition Through Feedback-Error LearningLittman, Michael
2003Gemmill, BenjaminThe E-Quad RoverLittman, Michael
2002Roeder, JessicaEvaluating Weight Shift and Foot Design in a Small Bipedal WlakerLittman, Michael
2021Berman, Samuel "Sam"An Exploration of Reinforcement Learning Through Rocket LeagueLittman, Michael
1996Markle, StephenFocusing of Acoustic Waves in Elastic Media Using Ring-Shaped Surface ImpactLittman, Michael
1988Taguchi, TomooGLUT: GPIB LOOK-UP TABLE a 68008-Based Computer with GPIB InterfaceLittman, Michael
2004Schmalz, Andrew P.History of Technology: Recreating the Wright Brothers' Wind Tunnel ExperimentsLittman, Michael