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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2016Qin, Jason ZheAnalysis of Thermostability of the Lasso Peptide Benenodin-1Link, A. James
2020Orlova, MargaritaAnalyzing Post-translational Methylation Modifications in Two Different Lasso Peptides Synthesized by Thermobifida cellulosilytica and Lihuaxuella thermophilaLink, A. James
-Pan, Si JiaBiosynthesis and Engineering of Lasso PeptidesLink, A. James
2013Kaplan, Hannah ChloeBiosynthesis of a Putative Lasso Peptide Produced by Sphingopyxis alaskensisLink, A. James
2014Lisko, BozhenaCharacterization of Specificity Determinants in the Hydrolysis of Lasso Peptide Astexin-2 by its IsopeptidaseLink, A. James
2009Clarke, NicoleCharacterization of the Binding Interaction Between Fluorescently-Labeled BCL-XL and a Displayed Peptide of the BH3 Region of BAK Using the ECPX SystemLink, A. James
2009Klein, Thomas JonathanCharacterization of the Effects of a Mutant Methionyl tRNA Synthetase on E. coli PhysiologyLink, A. James
2014Chen, Maria YanqingCharacterization of Thermal Lasso Peptide Unthreading in Astexins-2 and -3 VariantsLink, A. James
2014Terrell, Allyse AlexandraComparative Production of Lasso Peptides from Multi-Precursor PlasmidsLink, A. James
2013Jeng, Edwin E.Complex Formation of the Maturation Machinery in the Biosynthesis of the Lasso Peptide Microcin J25Link, A. James
2017Chatterjee, ShubhamConstruction of Conformationally Constrained Lasso Peptides Targeting the YAP/TEAD interactionLink, A. James
2016Hubbell, Kenneth TylerConstruction of Fusion Lasso Peptides with Pharmaceutically-Relevant SequencesLink, A. James
2008Xu, Lucy Y.Coping with Extracytoplasmic StressLink, A. James
2023Gallagher, KellyDevelopment of Stabilized Thermobifida fusca Cutinases for Improved PET DegradationLink, A. James
2013Zah, EugeniaDirected Evolution of Microcin J25 Towards Potency Against Resistant Escherichia coliLink, A. James
-Maksimov, Mikhail OlegovichDiscovery and Engineering of Novel Lasso PeptidesLink, A. James
2015Kunkel, Ariel NicoleDiscovery of the Crescenodin-1 Lasso PeptideLink, A. James
2010Cheung, Wai LingElucidating the Maturation Mechanism of the Lasso-Structured Antimicrobial Peptide Microcin J25Link, A. James
2015Wood, Caitlin VictoriaEngineering a Small Molecule-Dependent Intein into a Knottin CyclotideLink, A. James