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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Klein, EiliAntimalarial Drug ResistanceLevin, Simon A
-Berdahl, Andrew MacdonaldCollective NavigationCouzin, Iain D; Levin, Simon A
-Washburne, AlexCompetition and Coexistence in an Unpredictable WorldLevin, Simon A
-Staver, Ann CarlaDeterminants and dynamics of the global distribution of the savanna and forest biomesLevin, Simon A; Hedin, Lars O
-McManus, Lisa CelineDynamics and Drivers of Coral Reef ResilienceLevin, Simon A
-Tilman, Andrew R.Ecological, Economic and Social Mechanisms for Common-pool Resource ManagementLevin, Simon A
-Leblanc, SimonInformation Flow on Interaction NetworksLevin, Simon A; Couzin, Iain D
-Drohan, Sarah ElizabethMathematical Methods for Optimal Resource Allocation in Common-Pool ResourcesLevin, Simon A
-Brush, Eleanor RedstartMathematical Models of Cooperation, Consensus, and Collective ComputationLevin, Simon A
-Shaw, Allison K.Modeling motives for movement: Theory for why animals migrateLevin, Simon A; Couzin, Iain D
-Cooney, Daniel BrendanPDE Models of Multilevel Selection: The Evolution of Cooperation and the Shadow of SelectionLevin, Simon A
-Fuller, EmmaPeople, Fishing and the Management of a Human-Dominated EcoystemLevin, Simon A
-Farrior, CarolineThe roles of competition and resource availability in the biomass allocation of plant communitiesPacala, Stephen W; Levin, Simon A
-Guillen Pegueroles, BernatSmooth Selection Principles, Simplicial Complexes, and Everything in BetweenFefferman, Charles L; Levin, Simon A
-Chang, Charlotte Hsien-WeiThe social determinants and ecological consequences of indiscriminate hunting in tropical AsiaLevin, Simon A; Wilcove, David S