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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2010Walker, JosephineAcaricide Use and the Control of Theileria parva Infection at the Wildlife-Livestock Disease Interface in KenyaLevin, Simon
2020Thompson, ClaireAgent-Based Modelling Analysis of the 2019 New York City Measles Outbreak: Were Our Response Choices Effective?Levin, Simon
2014Sánchez, JulieAgricultural Antibiotic Use in Europe: Estimation of Risk in Cattle, Swine, and Poultry Farms and its Implications for Public HealthLevin, Simon
2005Ochoa-Frongia, Lisa MonicaAllelopathy or Community Resistance? The Puzzle of Allium tricoccum and Microstegium vimineumLevin, Simon
2001Coates, Anne C.An analysis of the biological and social factors that have affected the change in Mexico's infant mortality rateLevin, Simon
2014Kaplan, EmilyAn Analysis of the Coexistence of Sympatric Jackal Species: Canis adustus, Canis aureus, and Canis mesomelasLevin, Simon
2008Britton, AmadeaAntibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Healthcare and Community Settings: Burden, Factors Influencing Prevalence, and Potential Public Health SolutionsLevin, Simon
2010Butler, RebeccaAntibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in the Princeton Student PopulationLevin, Simon
2013Francis, Emily J.Carbon Sequestration and Land Use History of Redwood Forests in the Santa Cruz MountainsLevin, Simon
2008Rosenstein, PeriCatching the Flu: Alternative Vaccination Strategies Based on a New Model of Epidemic InfluenzaLevin, Simon
2016Karetnick, MorganChallenging the Miracle Drug: Alterations in Prophylactic and Therapeutic Agents for Patients with Self-Reported Penicillin AllergiesLevin, Simon
2020Espinosa, ChelseaComparison of Mycobacterium bovis Genetic Distances among Livestock and Wildlife in Michigan, USA and New ZealandLevin, Simon
1996Rommel, Robert G.A Computer-Simulated Forest Model With Analysis of Anthropogenic Nitrogen DepositionLevin, Simon
2008Protain, AndrewCreutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and the Public Health ThreatLevin, Simon
2022Williams, KaitlynCuckoo for Cricket Puffs: A Detailed Analysis of Early Nestling Diet for the Greater Ani (Crotophaga major)Levin, Simon
1996Stokes, Sarah S.Development, Implementation, and Assessment of a Sixth Grade Ecology UnitLevin, Simon
2002Bernier, Elizabeth M.The Distribution of Native Bees in an Intensive Agricultural AreaLevin, Simon
2023Nishigai, ShigetatsuDiversity stability relationship in the artificial financial marketLevin, Simon
2014McKenna, Elizabeth M.Effects of Light and Sedimentation on a Juvenile Coral in BermudaLevin, Simon