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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2012Saperstein, HannahAnalysis of a Wind Powered Mechanical Robotic Structure: "Strandbeest"Leonard, Naomi
2007Lee, LeslieAnalysis of Fish Schooling Through Robotic ControlLeonard, Naomi
2003Smulovitz, MargitApplying Biometric Propulsion to a Remotely Operated Underwater RoverLeonard, Naomi
2018Rogers, Josh; Shah, AbhimanyuCARP: An Economical Underwater Robot for Algorithm TestingLeonard, Naomi
2005Jeanne, James M.Collective Motion of Ring-Coupled Planar ParticlesLeonard, Naomi
2008Legett, Rebecca M.Collision Avoidance in Collective Motion of Robotic NetworksLeonard, Naomi
2012Scobee, Dexter; Wiktor, AdamDecentralized and Complete Multi-Robot Motion Planning in Confined SpacesLeonard, Naomi
2021Sadalgekar, Gargi; Wilson, Samarie; Walrath, JacobDecision Making and Task Allocation in a Multi-Robot SystemLeonard, Naomi
2020Witmer, AndrewDevelopment of Robot Navigation SystemsLeonard, Naomi
2013Sinha, AmanDistributed Consensus Protocols in Adaptive Multi-Agent SystemsLeonard, Naomi
2012Davison, PeterDistributed Coverage Control with Measurements in a Mobile Sensor NetworkLeonard, Naomi
2005Berman, SpringEstimation of Ocean Field Decorrelation Scales for the Design of Underwater Glider Sampling TrajectoriesLeonard, Naomi
2016Valverde Lizano, JonathanExploring multi-armed bandit decision-making strategies in an underwater vehicle testbedLeonard, Naomi
2008Wan, QianFeedback Controlled Magnetic Fish for Study of SchoolingLeonard, Naomi
2018Inglessis, SofiThe Flight of the Honeybees: Using A Multi-Agent Distributed Control Model to Investigate Visual Data DisplayLeonard, Naomi
2012Sketch, Sean"Human In The Loop" Human Decision Making in the Context of Human-Robot TeamsLeonard, Naomi
2013Reddy, AkhilIntegration of Human Preference into Multidisciplinary Design OptimizationLeonard, Naomi
2009LaViers, Amy ElizabethLearning the Primary Colors of DanceLeonard, Naomi
2021Dillender, SarahMessage-Passing Structures for Improved Policy Finding in Decentralized Multi-Agent Q-LearningLeonard, Naomi; Madhushani, Udari
2013Popova, MarinelaModeling Decision Making in a Collaborative Dyadic Task with Visual FeedbackLeonard, Naomi