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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1994Nicolaides, MelinaAida A Study of the Problem of Authenticity and Representation in Nineteenth-Century Vision of the OrientLake, Peter
2005Goldich, Russell M.Fatal Mistakes: The Committee of Imperial Defence and British Preparation for World War I, 1902-1914Lake, Peter
2004McCrae, JanetFederalism and the Home Government Association: How Isaac Butt Revived Irish Nationalism, 1870-1873Lake, Peter
1994Cox, Isaiah WatasThe Growth of the Common Law with Respect to the Origins of Property in Eleventh to Thirteenth Century EnglandLake, Peter
2000Kanaly, Quinn KathrynImprisoned by Myth: The Shaping of a Nationalist Discourse Preceding the Establishment of the Irish Free StateLake, Peter
2000O'Sullivan, Sean HenryIrish Labor: The Struggle of the Irish Labor Movement to Achieve a Political PresenceLake, Peter
1996Haley, Amy Rebecca"My Voice I'll Raise": he Development of Woman as Eighteenth-Century Wife and Writer in Elizabeth Anne Sheridan's Commonplace BookLake, Peter
1996Garry, Thomas GlennPeculiar Believers: Joanna Southcott and the Appeal of her Millenarianism in Early 19th Century BritainLake, Peter
2008Ezie, Lisa K.Reading What is There: Africans in Early Modern EnglandLake, Peter
2005Young, Jonathan Cameron ChildsThe "Reformation of Manners": The Proclamation Society and The Reality of William Wilberforce's Second Great ObjectLake, Peter
2006Chou, CatherineThe Succession Question and the Early Elizabethan StateLake, Peter
2004Carlson, Elizabeth Buckley"Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live": The Matthew Hopkins Witchcraft Trials in Historical ContextLake, Peter
-Cross, RobertTo Counterbalance the World: England, Spain, & Peace in the Early 17th CenturyGrafton, Anthony; Lake, Peter
2005Russler, Elena VictoriaWhat the World Appears: A Historical Reading of Two Eighteenth-Century English NovelsLake, Peter
2008Bernens, James P."When the King Comes O'er the Water": Jacobitism and the Lessons of 1719Lake, Peter