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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2002Thompson, Jr., Addison BakerAfricanists--Catalysts of Revolution: The Role of African Nationalism in South Africa's Liberation StruggleKreike, Emmanuel H.
2007Postolowski, Christina D.An Analysis of the Changing Position of Women in Asante, 1850-1950Kreike, Emmanuel H.
2007Locks, Lindsey M.Apartheid from an American Perspective: An Analysis of the New York Times Portrayal of South Africa and Black Youth Movements in the 1970sKreike, Emmanuel H.
1998Singleton, Colm ThomasApproaching The Whirlwinds: United States Foreign Policy Towards Rhodesia, 1953-1980Kreike, Emmanuel H.
1998Robinson, Marjorie Elizabeth"An Attitude of Mind, A Way of Life:" The Roots of the Black Consciousness Movement in South AfricaKreike, Emmanuel H.
2007Murphy, Carolyn A.Bearing the Nation: Race, Patriarchy, and the Politics of Reproduction in Apartheid South AfricaKreike, Emmanuel H.
2006Mullen, Elizabeth BriggsBiodynamic Farming from Rudolf Steiner to Mike Benziger: A Dynamic Revolution from the Inside-OutKreike, Emmanuel H.
1998Dunn III, Robert CharlesThe Boer War: A Reflection of Shifting American PolicyKreike, Emmanuel H.
2016Akin-Olugbade, Olamide O.A CONFLICT OF IDENTITIES: William H. Sheppard’s Activism in the Congo 1890-1910Kreike, Emmanuel H.
2004Tappis, Hannah LeeCrossing Borders: A History of Migration, Labor, and Refugees in Mozambique and MalawiKreike, Emmanuel H.
2002Kahn, Jeremy H.Defeating French Colonialism: Intellectual Discourse vs. the Mainstream Press: A Textual Criticism of Le Monde and the Works of Sartre, Fanon, Memmi, Senghor, and ToureKreike, Emmanuel H.
2012Jennings, Erin MichelleDispelling the Myth of British Colonial Benevolence: An Analysis of British Educational Policies and Human Rights Violations In 1950s KenyaKreike, Emmanuel H.
2003Bryant, Andrew Van KleeckThe Effects of Coffee Cultivation on the Land and People of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, During the British Colonial Era: 1916-1961Kreike, Emmanuel H.
2010MacIntyre, Cameron JamesAn Environmental History of the British Columbia Salmon FisheryKreike, Emmanuel H.
2003Hume, Heather Emma AprilFrom Exclusion to Community Conservation: A History of Wildlife Conservation in AfricaKreike, Emmanuel H.
2012McNamara, Travis RaymondHaste Trips on Its Own Heels: The Present Day Impact of Mid-20th Century United States Nuclear Energy PolicyKreike, Emmanuel H.
2010Umoren, Temitayo NeneAquaThe Impact of Early Colonialism on Agricultural Production among the Kikuyu of Kenya, 1850-1925Kreike, Emmanuel H.
2015Majchrzak, VictoriaTHE IRON UMBRELLA: A Study of Political Rainmaking in the Cold War, 1946-1977Kreike, Emmanuel H.
2004Simson, Rebecca RainbowLove Across the Color Bar! Black Men, White Women in 1950s South AfricaKreike, Emmanuel H.
2002Robertson, Judd LortsMaxim Firepower: The Role of British Weaponry in the Conquests of the Sudan and Northern Nigeria at the Turn of the Twentieth CenturyKreike, Emmanuel H.