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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2022Mandelbaum, WilliamThe Beautiful, Cursed Game: Examining the Tension between Soviet Nationalism and Patriotism Through the Lens of FootballKotkin, Stephen
2010Nelson, John ThomasBodies Under Socialism: A Somatology of the Soviet UnionKotkin, Stephen
-Mehilli, ElidorBuilding the Second World: Postwar Socialism in Albania and the Eastern BlocKotkin, Stephen
2015Jeon, Minjee AprilCaught in a Lucid Dream: North Korean Negotiating BehaviorKotkin, Stephen
-Florea, CristinaCity of Dreams, Land of Longing: Czernowitz and Bukovina at the Crossroads of EmpiresKotkin, Stephen
1994Jacobson, Daniel B.Early Stirrings of Enlightenment in the Jewish Community: Rabbi Yehonatan EybeshutzKotkin, Stephen
1996Shim, Nathalie GiminThe Emergence and Cultural Significance of the Gentrification Process in Colonial AmericaKotkin, Stephen
2007Karam, SarahEmpire or Nation? Legal Reforms in Egypt During the British Occupation, 1882-1922Kotkin, Stephen
2010Addis, Robert Edward HenryFrom Global Dominance To Ineffectiveness: American Oil Policy, 1944 - 1974Kotkin, Stephen
2011LaMontagne, FrederickGuests, Ghosts, and Guerrillas: A Comparative Study of Belligerent Non-state ActorsKotkin, Stephen
2020Burghardt, OlenkaHolocaust Remembrance, or Lack Thereof: An Analysis of Changes in Holocaust Portrayal in Polish and German History Textbooks, World War II–PresentKotkin, Stephen
-Kunakhovich, KyrillIn Search of Socialist Culture: Art and Politics in Krakow and Leipzig, 1918-1989Kotkin, Stephen
2011Messing, MarianLegal Landmines and Legal Disneylands: Tilting between Rule by Law and Rule of Law in Egypt and the United Arab EmiratesKotkin, Stephen
2018Millenson, CarlyLocked Together In Fear: Why the US-Russia-China Strategic Interaction Should Be Characterized As Trilateral Elastic RetreatKotkin, Stephen
2015Alexeeva, EkaterinaThe Man that Matters: Vladimir Putin’s Personality in Russian Foreign PolicyKotkin, Stephen
1999Carr, Thomas AlexanderMartemian Riutin: Bolshevik Martyr; An Interpretation of Soviet PowerKotkin, Stephen
1999Wilson, Jessica DawnThe Most Abstract and Premeditated City: An Exploration of the Petersburg Myth from Pushkin to AkhmatovaKotkin, Stephen
-O'Donnell, AnneA Noah's Ark: Material Life and the Foundations of Soviet Governance, 1916-1922Kotkin, Stephen; Pravilova, Ekaterina
2019Molot, MaxOpportunity Unbound: An Analysis of the Clinton-Era Strategy Towards Russia, 1992-2000Kotkin, Stephen
2008Zingale, Thomas M.Public Opinion, Caricature, and George Cruikshank: The British Reform Bill of 1832Kotkin, Stephen