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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1993Malik, HusseinAlternatives in Network Architecture: TCP/IP v. OSIKobayashi, Hisashi
1996Rodoplu, VolkanAnalysis of FM Subcarrier Data SystemsKobayashi, Hisashi
1996Rodoplu, VolkanAnalysis of Multipath Interference for FM Subcarrier Data ServicesKobayashi, Hisashi
1994Malik, HusseinBeyond Telephones: Personal Communication SystemsKobayashi, Hisashi
2003Salazar, MarcoBicast Clos NetworksKobayashi, Hisashi
1996Chen, Benjamin Kuang-HuaCDMA in Optical Networks Progress ReportKobayashi, Hisashi
2002Ng, Chiang-LianClipping Noise Mitigation for Orthogonal Frequency Division MultiplexingKobayashi, Hisashi
1992Malik, HusseinCommunications in the Future: ISDN and OSIKobayashi, Hisashi
1999Chong, Chan VeeIterative Decoding for GSM SystemsKobayashi, Hisashi
1999Garr, DavidIterative Decoding for the GSM SystemKobayashi, Hisashi
1995Hsu, Michael C.Lossless Traffic Shaping of Compressed VideoKobayashi, Hisashi
1996Ng, ChianglingMultihop Shuffle NetworksKobayashi, Hisashi
1993Paz, John M.Numerically Computed Probability Distributions for the Buffer Size of a Statisical MultiplexorKobayashi, Hisashi
1996Ng, Chiang LingPerformance Analysis of Generalized Multihop Shufflenet NetworksKobayashi, Hisashi
1993Susanto, Hendrik T.Performance Simulation of a Mobile Cellular Phone System with Non-Homogenous Spatial Traffic Distribution Using Maxa Vail AlgorithmKobayashi, Hisashi
2002Ng, Chiang-LianReduction of Peak to Average Power Ratio for Orthogonal Frequency Division MultiplexingKobayashi, Hisashi
1995Krishnan, VidyaRouting for Multimedia MulticastsKobayashi, Hisashi
1993Schneider, MichaelSimulation of a Statisical MultiplexerKobayashi, Hisashi
1996Chen, BenjaminSpectral Domain CDMA for Coherent Optical NetworksKobayashi, Hisashi
1995Finegold, MikeStatistical Multiplexing and Call Admission Control in ATM NetworksKobayashi, Hisashi