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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1996Riviera, Gloria SinclairAfrica/Afrika: The Education of Two South Africans: Ikhalipha Kenneth Lukuko and Michael William Wallis-BrownKeenan, Thomas
1995Gogolak, Charles A.The Answer More Puzzling Than the Riddle Itself O'Connor's Vision of Faith and FictionKeenan, Thomas
1996Austrian, GuyAshen Snow: films by Stan Brakhage; Screen Ghosts, Risking Death, Tele-Trauma, Secret MuseKeenan, Thomas
1996Perry, Dawn CarolineBeyond Sonnet Themes: The Unlimited Possibilities of StructureKeenan, Thomas
1996Rozinsky, BrianDivided Conqueror: Edgar Allen Poe's Struggle with Reason and Imagination in the Detective Trilogy and BeyondKeenan, Thomas
1997Malik, PriyanjaliEpic Tales of Mortal Men: Shashi Tharoor's Recovery of IndiaKeenan, Thomas
1997Rawe, Julia AnnGlobalized Infection: The Virus as Metaphor in Contemporary CultureKeenan, Thomas
1996McWha, Matthew DavidImaginNation: The Role of Fiction In Cultural NationalismKeenan, Thomas
1996Greene, Rebecca ElisabethThe Last Word: Writing, Aids, and EpitaphKeenan, Thomas
1994Rosenthal, Robert JoelLos Angeles: The Dark Side of the SunKeenan, Thomas
1997Radcliffe, Andrew McKimMenace Versus Art in Raymond Carver's Minimalist FictionKeenan, Thomas
1995Young, Jeffrey R.Motion Text: Hypertext Fiction and the Literature of VanishingKeenan, Thomas
1995Salisbury, Ashley LindsayOn the Virtue of a Lady Lounging: Why Feminism Needs GossipKeenan, Thomas
1997McIlvaine, Robert GeorgeShadows Across the Snow: Blackness and the White Literary MindKeenan, Thomas
1994Gaycken, Oliver AlexanderTechnologies of Light: Embodiments of Vision from H.L.F. von Helmholtz to George HolidayKeenan, Thomas
1997Woodard, C. JasonUniversal Access, A Mythology of the Information SocietyKeenan, Thomas