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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Libraro, PaolaA Globally Nonsingular Quaternion-Based Formulation for All-Electric Satellite Trajectory OptimizationKasdin, N. Jeremy
2014Cavanagh, Kathleen AlisonAnalysis and Development of a Low-Order Wavefront Sensor for Exoplanet Detection ApplicationsKasdin, N. Jeremy
2012Kozil, EvanAn Analysis of B-dot Detumbling Using Magnetorquers for Upper Stage Orbital DebrisKasdin, N. Jeremy
2013Tifft, William L.Attitude Control Analysis for Time-Constrained Electric Orbit-RaisingKasdin, N. Jeremy
2015Grimberg, Sebastian JohannesAttitude Control of All-Electric Satellites During Low- Thrust Orbit TransfersKasdin, N. Jeremy
2015Walsh, Matthew ThomasConcept for a System for Trajectory Estimation and Orbital Drift Detection for Low Thrust Geostationary SatellitesKasdin, N. Jeremy
2018Habtemariam, NabaiControl System Design for Telescope Point Spread Function Stability MaintenanceKasdin, N. Jeremy; Jones, William C.
2017Echeverri, Daniel; Guiracoche, WilliamDesign of a Closed-Loop Feedback System for testing and Prototyping New Deformable Mirror TechnologiesKasdin, N. Jeremy
2013Howard, MichaelDeveloping a New Mathematical Model for 1:1 Resonant Equatorial Orbits under a J2 PerturbationKasdin, N. Jeremy
2017Reynolds, MarissaDynamic Model and Closed-loop Attitude Control for a Starshade Orbiting the L2 PointKasdin, N. Jeremy
2008Mellish, Rochelle N.Effectively Scaling the Size of the External Occulter in Order to Test the Terrestrial Planet Finder Occulter OptionKasdin, N. Jeremy
-Sun, HeEfficient wavefront sensing and control for space-based high-contrast imagingKasdin, N. Jeremy
2014Chen, Dennis H.The Ferrofluid Deformable Mirror ConceptKasdin, N. Jeremy
2009Chen, Ephraim Jonathan; Isakowitz, Matthew Scott; Johnson, Rachel Lee; Maass, Daniel WytheFinding Another Earth: Design and Simulation of the Formation Flying Control System for the THEIA MissionKasdin, N. Jeremy
2004Leighton, James BuckinghamGuidance Law for Schooling Missiles in a Ballistic Missile Defense RoleKasdin, N. Jeremy
2013Lu, JianxiaoImage Extraction Software for the Coronagraphic High Angular Resolution Imaging Spectrograph (CHARIS)Kasdin, N. Jeremy
2011Hoskins, JoshuaImplementation of a Tip-Tilt Mirror in a Laboratory Bench for a Microsatellite PayloadKasdin, N. Jeremy
2012Che, GeorgeAn Integrated Shaped Pupil Coronagraph and Wavefront Control System For Exoplanet ImagingKasdin, N. Jeremy
2006Wray, James J.Interferometric Wavefront Measurement for Characterizing SurfacesKasdin, N. Jeremy
2004Chow, Naomi ShingLow Earth Orbit Constellation Design Using the Earth-Moon L1 PointKasdin, N. Jeremy