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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2007Lee, Allison; Pinner, Jeffrey T.; Sharpe, Daniel T.Cam Profile Switching for Two-Cycle OperationJu, Yiguang
-Reuter, Christopher BryanChemistry and Dynamics of Counterflow Cool FlamesJu, Yiguang
2006Galie, PeterDesign and Analysis of a Novel, Two-Staged Micro-Scale CombustorJu, Yiguang
2023Cotter, GavinDesign and Analysis of a Plasma Assisted Cement Production Reactor with Low-Carbon EmissionJu, Yiguang
2022McBride, Thomas; Tariq-Shuaib, YousufDevelopment of a Non-Equilibrium Plasma Assisted Rotating Detonation EngineJu, Yiguang
2021Jonas, Marcus; von Mueller, TassiloDevelopment of Plasma Assisted Active Control for Rotating Detonation EnginesJu, Yiguang
-Sun, WeiqiDevelopments of Efficient Numerical Methods for Combustion Modeling with Detailed Chemical KineticsJu, Yiguang
2012Meidell, KatelynDiagnostic Experiments on Plasma Assisted CombustionJu, Yiguang
2020Baker, MorganEngineering Metal Additives in Lubrication Oil to Control Low Speed Pre-Ignition in Advanced Gasoline EnginesJu, Yiguang
-Santner, JeffreyExperimental and Modeling Studies of Small Molecule Chemistry in Expanding Spherical FlamesDryer, Frederick L; Ju, Yiguang
2007Moser, Daniel R.Flame Synthesis Techniques for the Up-Converting NanophosphorsJu, Yiguang
2020Xiang, JerryGradient Ion Doping for High Performance Nickel-Rich Cathode Materials in Lithium-Ion BatteriesJu, Yiguang
2017Ferda, BoltonMechanical Differential AnalyzersJu, Yiguang
2022Zhang, TianhanMulti-scale modeling of near-limit combustion waves with detailed kinetics and transportJu, Yiguang
-Sun, WentingNon-equilibrium Plasma-Assisted CombustionJu, Yiguang
2018Ha, Henry; Sepulveda Varon, JuanOzone-Assisted Deflagration to Detonation Transition of Lean C2H2/Ox Mixtures in MicrochannelsJu, Yiguang
2022Price, AnniePlanar Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurements of CH\(_{2}\)O in Ozone Assisted Cool FlamesJu, Yiguang
-Lefkowitz, Joseph KalmanPlasma Assisted Combustion: Fundamental Studies and Engine ApplicationsJu, Yiguang
-Rousso, Aric CarlinPlasma-Assisted Combustion: Kinetics and ControlJu, Yiguang