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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1993Peterson, JamieAdsorption isotherms of mercury on sediment from the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer systemJaffe, Peter
1997Moreen, Joshua D.Analysis of in situ tricholoroethylene biodegradationJaffe, Peter
2004Pieja, AllisonAnalysis of Surface Flow Treatment Wetlands: Effects of Environmental Factors of Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Total Nitrogen Decay RatesJaffe, Peter
2000Soderberg, KeirApproaches to the Study of Water Resources in North Central NambiaJaffe, Peter
1994Kovatch, Cecily F.Comparison of experimental and computer-modeled flushing times for trichloroethylene-contaminated sands, sandy silts, and clayey siltsJaffe, Peter
1993Schader, RyanComputer modeling of iron cycling in a eutrophic lake (Aydat, France)Jaffe, Peter
1993Scicchitano, John SlavatoreContaminant transport in tidally influenced aquifersJaffe, Peter
2019Klosowicz, AnnieCreating Value from Desalination Waste: Magnesium Recovery from Desalination Brine by Cation ExchangeJaffe, Peter
2009Ye, Jinghua CloverDesign a Denitrification System for the River Road Treatment Plant of Stony Brook Sewage AuthorityJaffe, Peter
1995Teter, CarlThe Effects of Non Point Source Nutrient Enrichment on Water Quality in the Upper PotomacJaffe, Peter
2022Montiel, NatashaEnvironmental Impacts and Remediation Techniques of Microfibers in SludgeJaffe, Peter
2018Brizo, AilynFeasibility and Environmental Implications of Urine Utilization Technologies in the Developing WorldJaffe, Peter
2011Hewitt, VictoriaFenton's Reagent As a Treatment for Reactive Dye Textile Wastewater: Optimization and DesignJaffe, Peter
2008Davis, JulianneGrass or Concrete? An Evaluation of the Effects of Landcovers on Nitrogen Loads in Urban Stormwater RunoffJaffe, Peter
2008Sarma, Amruta A.Improving Uranium Mill Tailings Management in IndiaJaffe, Peter
2002Ferguson, IanKinetics of bacterial iron reduction in riparian wetland soilJaffe, Peter
2015Williams, KatelynThe Lake That Jack Built: Phosphorus Analysis & Recovery Options for Small Eutrophic LakesJaffe, Peter
1997Hibbert, RobinLead Exposure in the Homes of Mexican ArtisansJaffe, Peter
1999Fitchett, Ebony V.Major Components of Brownfields Redevelopment in Newark, New JerseyJaffe, Peter
1995Borsuk, Mark E.Mechanisms of Dissolved Heavy Metal Removal in a Freshwater Wetland and the Potential for RemobilizationJaffe, Peter