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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2012Wise, Alexandra Stewart"Black and White, White and Black": African Americans and Irish Immigrants in New York's Five Points, 1834-1863Hunter, Tera W.
2013Pierce, Elizabeth W.BLACKBALLED: Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, Jackie Robinson, and the Dynamics of Black Leadership During the Jim Crow EraHunter, Tera W.
2011Stone, Benjamin VosburghThe Blood of Patriots and Tyrants: Violence and Restraint in Boston's Revolutionary Mobs and Shays' RebellionHunter, Tera W.
2019Van Vranken, SadieControlling Freedom and Constructing Black Criminality: Gallows Literature and the Black Civic Voice in the Antebellum NorthHunter, Tera W.
2009Carter, Michael JosephDug Out of Brooklyn and Pitched to Los AngelesHunter, Tera W.
2016Sarra, SeanThe Forgotten Quarter: The Lives and Labor of the African American Women of Richmond, 1865-1880Hunter, Tera W.
2011Stevick, Kathryn Patricia"Let's find the other half, (Wo*man), and when we do, make sure it fits": Gender in Elijah Muhammand's Nation of IslamHunter, Tera W.
2009Burset, Stephanie Russo"The State Has Nothing to Fear From Emancipation": How Charleston's Free People of Color Survived the Denmark Vesey ConspiracyHunter, Tera W.
2021Binnie, Fergus"Tutti ad Libitum": The Evolution of Intersectional Black Feminism in the 19th CenturyHunter, Tera W.
2012Reeder, Lucy R.Understanding the Americans Black Gis and Racial Ideology in Great Britain, 1942-1945Hunter, Tera W.
2016Fairchild, BrenÓ“eaUnmasking the Lies: The Construction of the Grand Narrative and Erasure of Blacks Experiences in U.S. History Textbooks from 1950 to the 2010Hunter, Tera W.
2011Marable, Taylor LeighUranium Mining on the Navajo Reservation: Explaining Twenty-Three Years of Absent Safety Regulations in the IndustryHunter, Tera W.