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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2019Belkadi, SamiAgriFlow: The Application of Elastic Filament Velocimetry to Water Flow Measurement and Control in Hydroponic Vertical FarmsHultmark, Marcus
2019Ramesh, Gayatri; Huang, WhitneyControlling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in High Wind Speeds Using Nano-Scale Thermal Anemometry ProbesHultmark, Marcus; Majumdar, Anirudha
2018Cleff, IsabelDesign, Construction, and Supersonic Wind Tunnel Testing of an Aerospike Rocket NozzleHultmark, Marcus; deRidder, Mauritz
2018Pacini, BernardoDesign, Development, and Construction of a Biologically Inspired Sensing System for Real Time Flow VisualizationHultmark, Marcus
2015Phidd, Arthur RichardDesign, Manufacturing, and Analysis of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for High Reynolds NumbersHultmark, Marcus
2018Diament, JeffreyDeveloping a Wind-Sensing Drone: Integration of Nano-Scale Flow Sensors Onboard a Quadrotor UAVHultmark, Marcus; Majumdar, Anirudha
-Kokmanian, Katherine-AroussiagDevelopment of a Nanoscale Hot-Wire Probe for Supersonic Flow ApplicationsHultmark, Marcus
-Bahri, CarlaFundamentals and Scaling of Passive Scalar Fields in Isotropic TurbulenceHultmark, Marcus; Mueller, Michael E
-Fan, YuyangHigh Resolution Instrumentation for Flow MeasurementsHultmark, Marcus
-Miller, Mark AaronHigh Reynolds Number Horizontal and Vertical Axis Wind Turbine ExperimentsHultmark, Marcus
2015Elford, Christiana MarieHigh Reynolds Number Hydrokinetic Turbine Force Analysis and Test Equipment DesignHultmark, Marcus
2018Dubitsky, Lena; Fredericks, LeifInvestigating the Characteristics of Helmholtz Resonator Energy HarvestingSmits, Alexander; Hultmark, Marcus
-Fu, MatthewMeasuring and modifying the near-wall behavior of wall-bounded turbulenceHultmark, Marcus
2016Stadlan, JoshuaPicking Up Speed: Convective Velocimetry in Low-Reynolds Number Turbulent Channel FlowHultmark, Marcus
2015Lee, Marcus Kuok KuanSmall-scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design for Testing and Optimization in the Princeton High Reynolds Number Test FacilitySmits, Alexander; Hultmark, Marcus
2016Douglas, AndreA Stochastic Model of Cancer Cell Adhesion in Stokes FlowHultmark, Marcus; Soboyejo, Winston
-Byers, Clayton PTheoretical and experimental investigations of similarity solutions in turbulent flowsHultmark, Marcus
2014Wang, KarenTowards Turbulent Drag Reduction On A Superhydrophobic Aluminum SLIPS SurfaceHultmark, Marcus
2019Irigoyen-Lopez, TeresaVertical Axis Wind Turbines: Analysis of Experimental Data at Full Dynamic SimilarityHultmark, Marcus