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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1999Champion, Thomas S.; Champion, Thomas S.Alliances and Enemies: The May 24, 1957 Embassy Riots in TapeiHowell, David
1999Dean, Andrew CharlesThe Battle of Leyte Gulf: Friction of WarHowell, David
1996Bello, Christopher JosephCauses of War Crimes Committed by the Japanese Against Allied Prisoners of War During World War IIHowell, David
1996Klock, Patricia G.A Changed Perspective: How the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society Saw Itself After Evacuation From the Belgian CongoHowell, David
1994Kao, Florence HayleyConciliation and Militancy: The Impact of Government and Buraku Liberation League Policies on Buraku Integration in Postwar JapanHowell, David
2009Kim, Injoong J.Early English Education in Korea and JapanHowell, David
2000Whitridge Jr., William CushingThe Easter Offensive: A Testament to the Failure of Nixon's Policy of VietnamizationHowell, David
1997Chen, Edgar"The Emperor Debate 1940-1948": Framing the Exemption of Emperor Hirohito from the International Military Tribunal as the Legacy of an American DiscourseHowell, David
2000Miller, William WadeJeffersonian Republicanism, Territorial Slavery Policy and the Seeds of Southern NationalismHowell, David
2006Shank, SeanThe Pariah as Patriot: Yakuza and Right-Wing Japanese Politics in the Early 20th CenturyHowell, David
2006Johnson, Ella JoohyeonSeonsu (Still Female)Howell, David
1996Armstrong, HectorA Study of Propaganda Images, Symbols, and Themes in 1930's Germany and JapanHowell, David
2010Chiba, YudaiThe White-Clad: Media, Police and Public Imagination in Post-Aum JapanHowell, David